Looking to expand your customer base? Customer relationship management solutions can help you improve your relationship with customers. By collecting customer data and using that data to reach out to as many customers as possible, you’ll be able to improve customer support and tailor marketing to attractive new customers. As one of the best tools for your business, CRM software can help you improve productivity and sales. Online, you can find numerous CRM solutions that can help you with all aspects of customer relations. The top CRM solutions include Oracle, Zoho CRM and FreshSales. These CRM software solutions offer the most in-depth tools and well-designed interface that makes CRM tremendously easy. If you are interested in CRM solutions for your business, read on to find out more.

Top 3 CRM Solutions

  • Oracle
  • Zoho CRM
  • FreshSales


Oracle CRM is a cloud-based CRM solution that provides help across all customer-related aspects of your business. Oracle CRM can assist with marketing, sales, commerce, social media and services. Additional, it can assist with configuring, pricing and quoting. Through the use of Oracle CRM software, you can collect marketing data to find customers that might be interested in your products or services. After that you can provide improve your own customer support and your overall customer experience. The Oracle CRM cloud is easy to use, allowing you to use your own CRM system to drive sales. You’ll also increase productivity and communication between your employees. Additionally, the CRM tool from Oracle will give you even greater insight into customers thoughts and feelings directly from social media. It can even make it easier for customers to reach out to you, improving overall communication between your business and your customers.


  • Improve communication with customers
  • Use your own CRM system
  • Can configure, price and quote

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one excellent CRM software that you can try for free. Zoho’s CRM software promises 300% improvements in lead conversion rates, ensuring your customer base expands. Additionally, Zoho CRM offers 40% revenue increase for everyone on your sales team and a 24% decrease in sales cycles. Additionally, Zoho CRM suggest that you can improve customer retention, while decreasing marketing costs. Zoho CRM allows you to customize their software to suit the needs of your business, and you can even integrate the software with your favorite apps such as Google, WordPress or MailChimp. It’s also a terrific tool for managing your social media accounts into one simple space. And with Zoho CRM mobile app support, you can engage in CRM wherever you go.


  • 40% increase in sales revenue
  • More effectively manage social media interactions
  • Mobile apps are available


FreshSales is definitely one of the better CRM software solutions out there. Using basic approaches, FreshSales will improve your relationship with customers. Through contact management, deal management and analytics and reports, you can effectively gather data for connecting with customers, save conversation logs and view tasks, as well as increase the productivity of your sales team. FreshSales offers a 30-day trial, so if you aren’t sure about it, you can test it out before you commit. Already, FreshSales has over 5,000 happy customers including the University of Sydney, Haymarket and GreatContent. Check out their official website to learn more.


  • Record conversation logs and view customer accounts
  • Free 30-day trial offered
  • Over 5,000 happy customers


Improving your relationship with customers is the best thing you can do for your business. By collecting customer data and implementing that data into marketing and sales, you can more effectively connect with leads and convert them into customers, thereby increasing your sales. So, don’t wait any longer – check out the top 3 CRM solutions, now.