How many times have you watched one of those holiday baking or best cupcake TV shows and wished you knew how to bake? Don’t worry. Just because you skipped Home Economics in school and your parents were busy working instead of baking, you can still learn how to whip up some muffins in the comfort of your own kitchen. Online baking classes are a great way to expand your understanding of cooking basics while avoiding the embarrassment of a fallen cake in front of a room full of strangers. We’ve collected some of the best resources online to help you embark on this personal and tasty adventure such as Craftsy, America’s Test Kitchen, udemy, Escoffier Online, and

Top 5 Online Baking Classes:

  • Craftsy
  • America’s Test Kitchen
  • udemy
  • Escoffier Online

Craftsy is an online community of individuals who love to create things through handcrafts, baking , painting and more. They allow members to offer online courses, which you can take for as little as $20 up to $100. The instructors, duration and topics are constantly changing. So if you’d like to learn how to bake on your schedule with no stress being applied by a school this is a great casual way to learn how to make meringue. Maybe someday you will upload your own baking course!


  • Community Based
  • $20/course
  • Catalogue Changes Often

America’s Test Kitchen

For a relatively low cost, America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School offers a monthly membership where you obtain access to their recipes, as many baking and cooking courses that you would like to take and support from their full-time faculty. You can try out the courses with a 14-day free trial and then sign up for a basic membership for $19.95/mo which includes the course selection or up to $39.95 for instructor access—a helping hand when your pie crust crumbles. They have a solid reputation based off of decades of helping America find the next great holiday recipe. Now you get to put them to work teaching you to do the same.


  • Solid Reputation
  • Monthly Membership
  • Access to Instructors

udemy offers a wide variety of mini-courses for the investigative individual. Usually lasting a week or two, they price out at about $100 per week. You will receive instruction on basic pastry skills as taught by Marco Ropke, a pastry chef with 25 years experience in a professional kitchen. After completing your course, check back for more baking classes as they become available in the online academy.


  • One-week courses
  • Taught by professional pastry chef
  • No longterm commitment

Escoffier Online

If you are seeking a certificate and professional education, Escoffier Culinary Academy offers and online Baking & Pastry Fundamentals program. Real world instructors provide extensive videos, online resources and multiple courses that cover all the basics. You will be introduced to all the appliances, utensils and smallwares typically found in a baker’s closet while reviewing chocolate, breads, pastry and good business practices. This will cost the student several hundred dollars, but by passing the course you will have earned real world cred in the kitchen.


  • Earn a Certificate
  • Extensive Number of Topics
  • Significant Cost

While its name sounds like a recipe box, this free online cooking source also features an in-depth video library with tons of how-tos. If you need basic information such as how many cups are in a quart, or would like to review exactly how to create a successful soufflee, you will find all the information on this easy to use website with a simple search. Hooked into all the major social networks, you can share your baking successes and failures while receiving feedback from the friendly users. Recognized chefs and experts often add their recipes and knowledge to the always growing library. Click on to begin your first lesson today.


  • Free to use
  • Hundreds of How-to Videos
  • Social Network for Sharing Accomplishment


Now you just have to chose whether you want a formal education or are happy to experiment using free online videos. Whatever you decide, remember to have a delicious time!