Luxury sedans are not what they used to be, and a lot of people say that is a good thing. Of course you want a luxurious ride and stylish appearance, but a lot of people are wanting something little more sporty as well. Performance still matters, so in addition to those leather seats and fine appointments, you want good acceleration, some power and handling that makes you feel like you are really driving something. Here are our top five picks that fit the bill, and there is a wide range, from a Cadillac in the 50s to a Maserati that eats up the road.

Top 5 New Luxury Sedans of 2016:

  • Cadillac CT6
  • Genesis 90
  • Maserati Quattroporte
  • Buick Regal
  • Mercedes Benz CLA Class

2016 Cadillac CT6

Cadillacs have always been the gold standard of American luxury, and the CT6 has that. It also ads performance you would expect from fine European driving machines. European handling technology has been added, so you get performance with the luxury. It starts with a V6 that can get 404 horsepower, and will let you handle the highway like a sports car driver. Most of the CT6 refinements are in handling and the interior, which is more user friendly than ever. The interior is luxurious as all Cadillacs are.


  • Top speed 149 miles per hour
  • 0-60 in 6.1 seconds
  • All wheel drive with turbo charged v6 engine

2016 Genesis G90

This is a new luxury car being introduced by Hyundai that hopes to have a Lexus like impact on the luxury market. It takes a different approach, which is part of its appeal. While most luxury cars offer tons of options, the Genesis offers very few. It has a lot of luxuries that are standard though, and is a very nice car. It is a solid, if simpler, alternative to full sized luxury sedans. Things like a large display screen and ApplePlay are standard, as well as the 20-inch wheels.


  • Zero to 60 in 5.1 seconds.
  • V8 engine with a top speed of 150 mph
  • Three years of complimentary maintenance and other services.

2016 Maserati Quattroporte

In this vehicle we have Italian sports performance crammed into a luxury car. This model has been around a few years, and the 2017 version is having a refresh with design. Most striking is the visual lines that are more sporty, and there is a revised transmission that is even smoother, along with refinements that make the ride even quiet by luxury standards. Be careful with this car though, it will go up to 190 miles per hour with its very strong V-8 engine. Enjoy the luxury and feel the rush of Italian sports driving. There is a slight emphasis on sporty at the expense of luxury.


  • Zero to 60 in 4.2 - 5.1 seconds, and zero to 100 in 10.3 - 11.2 seconds
  • Steering is sharp, heavy and gives good feedback from the roa
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capable

2016 Buick Regal

To return to the American car, it does not have to be a top end driving machine to be a luxury sedan. Buick refreshed this model with a makeover in 2014, and small refinements continue. It now has all wheel drive which adds stability, traction and handling. It has a turbo V6 that cranks out 351 horsepower. You get sporty handling with a little fuel economy even with the luxury. You can also configure a digital cluster to get various performance readouts, to fit your own driving habits.


  • Package with lane departure warning and pre collision braking
  • Gas mileage 19/27
  • Zero to 60 in six seconds, with a top speed of 150 mph

2016 Mercedes-Benz CLA Class

This is the least expensive Mercedes-Benz offered, but it is also the most sporty looking. It is relatively small for a sedan, and its new design makes it sporty and one of the more stylish cars on the road. It has a four cylinder turbo engine that cranks out 208 horsepower. It has all the handling and sporty feel you expect with a Mercedes-Benz, with the luxury too. It has keyless entry and engine start so you literally can walk up, sit down and drive. You may open the trunk by passing your foot under the bumper. It has a smooth 7-speed automatic transmission, and either front or all-wheel drive options available.


  • Auto emergency braking system
  • Rear view camera as standard equipment
  • Fuel efficient at 26/38 mpg


Luxury sedans set the bar for style, performance and comfort on the automotive market. Today’s latest luxurious sedans are sporty and powerful, providing unmatched thrills with all the comforts you could ask for in a car. These amazing vehicles aren’t cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. This is perhaps the most exciting segment of the industry and that won’t change anytime soon.