Incontinence can be a difficult issue for many men and women. Characterized by the inability to control one’s bladder, incontinence can occur with old age or as a result of a number of different health issues at any age. While wearing adult diapers may not seem like the ideal situation, sometimes people simply have no choice. Whether it is a temporary or ongoing problem, it is important to take care of oneself. With incontinence and those wearing diapers or using catheters, it’s also important to stay clean and sanitary. The top 5 incontinence wipes can keep you clean and fresh wherever you are, and can even sooth delicate skin. Read on to learn more about these top-rated incontinence wipes.

Top 5 Incontinence Wipes

  • Tena Classic Washcloths Premoistened Wipes
  • Attends Adult Washcloths
  • Professional Natural Adult Disposable Washcloths
  • ProCare Adult Washcloth
  • Prevail Premium Adult Washcloths

Tena Classic Washcloths Premoistened Wipes

The Tena Classic Washcloths Premoistened Wipes are a simple wipe with a touch of fragrance for a clean and fresh smell, so you don’t have to feel dirty. Each Classic washcloth is pre-moistened for convenient cleaning. It also includes aloe and chamomile for relaxation and rejuvenation. A nice floral scent leaves you feeling fresh. Its soft pack packaging with flip top allows for portability.


  • Features a floral fragrance
  • Features chamomile and aloe
  • Easy flip top

Attends Adult Washcloths

Attends Adult Washcloths are simple and comfortable to use. Aloe featured as an ingredient in this wipes ensures gentle application. Featuring no fragrances of any kind, these wipes are ideal for those with sensitive skin. As a basic wipes, these are designed to minimize or eliminate the possibility of rash or infection.


  • No fragrance
  • Features Aloe
  • Good for gentle skin

Professional Natural Adult Disposable Washcloths

Professional Natural Adult Disposable Washcloths are made of all natural ingredients and are designed to be used anywhere on the body. These wipes are thick and absorbent. Every wipe is biodegradable and easily disposable. These wipes can also improve skin care thanks to the addition of Vitamin E, Aloe and chamomile.


  • Thick and absorbent
  • Biodegradable
  • All natural ingredients

ProCare Adult Washcloth

The ProCare Adult washcloth is designed to clean and keep moisturized. Cloths are completely alcohol free so they don’t dry out the skin and don’t irritate sensitive skin. Every cloth is strong and plenty moist for effective wiping. Cloths dispense one at a time so there is little risk of contamination. Best of all they are one of the most affordable wipes costing less than $3 for 50 wipes.


  • Alcohol-free
  • No irritation or dry skin
  • More for your money

Prevail Premium Adult Washcloths

Prevail Premium Adult Washcloths are one of the most comfortable and soft washcloths available. Every wipe is alcohol and latex free. Cotton washcloths allow for superior strength and absorbency. Lotion helps moisturize the skin, leaving everything below the belt feeling good.


  • Alcohol and latex free
  • Strength and absorbency
  • Moisturizes skin


Incontinence wipes are a necessary expense for anyone suffering from incontinence. Wipes are designed to keep individuals clean and reduce the risk of infection. And with moisturizers and fragrances you can smell and feel clean too.