Ah, the world is your oyster! That is if you can find a restaurant that always has the freshest shellfish available and are served in new and delicious ways. Where do you go to find the widest selection of culinary delights? From coast to coast, there are metropolitan areas that seem to cater to the eclectic and finicky palettes of the growing foodie demographic. From Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, Boston to Washington DC, and even in the beautiful city of Dallas, TX, some of the best dishes and eateries can be found. Each has a unique blend of specialties that will call to the wandering gustatory explorer.

Top 5 Cities that Foodies Can’t Ignore:

  • Pittsburgh
  • Los Angeles
  • Boston
  • Washington DC
  • Dallas

Pittsburgh, PA

In the past, Steel City was known for its thick grey smog, not dining delight. Not anymore. Whether you are seeking a new spin on American cuisine inspired by Brooklyn raised butcher Brent Young at his new restaurant Whitfield or seeking traditional Spanish cuisine found at Cure, Chaz & Odette, your time in this western Pennsylvania town will not be wasted. From fried chicken to French cuisine, you’ll be sampling tasty dishes all day long.


  • Whitfields
  • Cure Chaz & Odette
  • Morcilla

Los Angeles, CA

It’s not just about fish tacos and vegetarian snack shacks on the West Coast. The LA dining scene continues to expand into every style of cuisine imaginable. For fresh California dishes check out Leona in Venice. Of course authentic Mexican must be sought out and can be found at B.S. Taqueria or Broken Spanish in Downtown. Chinatown boasts Pok Pok, a newly opened shop by Portland’s famed Andy Ricker. However, if East Coast fare is needed, stop off at the Cannibal Butchery and Restaurant to feed your inner carnivore. But it doesn’t stop there. Top ramen shops, family Italian and middle-eastern falafel can be found in the expansive Grand Central Market.


  • B.S. Taqueria
  • Cannibal Butchery
  • Pok Pok

Boston, MA

Whether you call it Beantown or the Hub, this college town is breaking out of its long-established comfort and seafood fare image. The Seaport is exploding with new restaurants in an attempt to keep up with rapid expansion in the city. Mario Batali opened up Babbo Pizzeria last year while signature steak houses such as Ribelle and Strip-T’s continued to be heavily patronized. For a more refined menu check out The Table headed by Top Chef Karen Akunowicz. Southeast Asian cuisine is becoming more popular in the area with Tiger Mama being one of the most popular spots. To finish off your evening, stop by Eastern Standard for an award winning cocktail.

Babbo Pizzeria, The Table, Tiger Mama


  • B.S. Taqueria
  • Cannibal Butchery
  • Pok Pok

Washington, DC

Images of congressman tucking into a fine steak in a paneled dining room are quickly being replaced by Millenials lining up on the streets to grab their favorite grub served in tiny shops across town. Top name chefs are hopping on the Capitol bandwagon and opening new restaurants almost every month, including talents such as Mike Isabella, Bryan Voltaggio and Jose Andres. Camodian fare is making headlines with the new Maketto serving hungry diners. Of course, you can still pay top dollar for an indulgent meal at Rose’s Luxury when something simple is not what you are craving.


  • Rose’s Luxury
  • Maketto
  • Jose Andres

Dallas, TX

Don’t let it be said that the coasts have the corner on cuisine. Head to the south for legendary Tex-Mex and steaks cut the way they were meant to be. However, modern twists and interpretations of your favorite foods can be found around town at places like Filament, Wayward Sons and The Theodore. The locals might be dissing it, but foodies adore 18th & Vine’s Kansas City-style barbeque. TaceDeli and Uchi both opened up in 2015 to adoring crowds calling for their favorites from the Austin-based restaurants. If you are dying for the perfect sweet, Remedy serves up old-fashioned sodas with a modern twist in a fun, quirky atmosphere.


  • The Theodore
  • 18th & Vine
  • Uchi


There you have it, five of the best cities to visit this year to feed your every foodie craving with the perfect balance of flavor, location and atmosphere. Enjoy your time on the road and every bite along the way.