When it comes to flooring there are many options, why not choose one that’s good for your home and for the environment? Recycled or reclaimed wood takes wood that was previously used for other applications, maybe a barn or a fence, and turns it into stunning flooring, among other things. Wood that would otherwise be thrown in landfills is now being used instead of cutting down more trees. This wood has a story to tell and creates a sense of romance that new materials don’t have. As the saying goes, “they don’t make ‘em like they used to,” and the quality of recycled wood flooring is no exception. For the best in beautiful, environmentally friendly floors, check out this list of the top four recycled wood flooring providers.

Top 4 Recycled Wood Flooring Providers

  • Aged Woods
  • Old World Timber
  • Elmwood Reclaimed Timber
  • Vintage Timberworks

Aged Woods

Reclaimed wood and remilled barn wood is Aged Woods’ specialty. Oak is very popular for strong, sturdy floors that will last generations. Choose reclaimed Chesnutt for a distinctive look. Reclaimed Maple mixed with Beech will give you that perfect antique look. Hickory flooring is a rare treat you may not always be able to find. Classic White Pine is truly rustic. Whatever you choose, there’s a color and wood grain pattern to match any room. All products are categorized clearly for those seeking LEED certification.


  • 100% recycled wood
  • Great variety of wood choices
  • LEED certified materials

Old World Timber

Create floors with character with Old World Timber products. Ever popular Heart Pine is the gold standard in hardwood once used for constructing everything from pioneer homes to ships. There is reclaimed Oak strong enough to go from a historic home to yours, and Maple flooring from America’s Industrial Era ready to continue its tradition of working hard for your home or business. The most popular item is the mixed wood flooring that takes advantage of all the best of nature’s artistic flair. It is versatile and stunning for any application.


  • Reclaimed Heart Pine, Oak, Maple, or mixed wood
  • Versatile flooring options
  • Factory Direct Pricing

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber claims they will “positively floor you.” Their options include wide plank flooring, antique wood floors, hardwood, and barn wood floors. The Naturals is a collection of mixed wood flooring. Their End Grain wood floors are a European style that has become popular in America, These are wooden tile floors that are made for high traffic and absorbing noise and energy without wearing down like a flat board.


  • European style End Grain flooring
  • Browse by type, color, style, or price
  • Sales and specials available

Vintage Timberworks

Variety and beauty abound at Vintage Timberworks. Consider the rustic Douglas Fir for your reclaimed wood floor. Classic Chestnut flooring may be the choice of those looking for deep, rich colors. Barn wood parquet flooring brings back the style of Europe with the character of barn siding. Their Maple flooring is commonly reclaimed from gymnasiums. They carry Australian Tassie Oak reclaimed from factories and schools.


  • Unique selection of woods from around the world
  • Approved by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • Wide variety of recycled wood products


If you’re seeking LEED certification for your home or place of business, recycled wood flooring will be an asset. Choose recycled flooring for beauty, eco-consciousness, or just to have a little piece of history. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, most companies will send you a free sample of their recycled flooring.