Almost every business will require a POS or point of sale system in order to process business transactions or sell retail products. These systems allow a company or business to accept payments quickly and efficiently from customers. The POS systems today are streamlined, effective, and convenient. They save time and allow the business and the customer to keep track of sales and other important data over time. The top 3 POS systems currently are Square, Shopify, and Quickbooks. These leaders in POS software have created products that help make taking payments and keeping track of inventory and financial records a breeze. Businesses can run seamlessly with their assistance. Read on to find out more about these POS systems for businesses.

Top POS Systems for Businesses

  • Square
  • Shopify
  • Quickbooks


Square is probably the most popular POS system in the market today. This option has so much going for it that it is hard to overlook. One of the best features is the price. It can range from free to just a few dollars per month. You can accept sales from your tablet or phone while you are on the go. They also offer software that is essentially a cash register on whatever electronic device you choose to use the reader with. Simply insert the card reader or enter payment information by hand and you can accept an instant payment. Additionally, you can send the customer a receipt as well as track the sale and customer information from your account. This makes sales quicker, easier, and more portable than ever. This option is great for small the medium-sized business.


  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


Shopify is one of the newer but well known POS systems on the block today. With all of the opinions and features they offer their customers, it’s no wonder they are on the top 3 list. Shopify has become a brick and mortar retail business’s best friend. They have software that is easy to install and allows the business to integrate its e-commerce information to the platform with ease. The price plans are also quite affordable. Customers can change the software to fit their individual needs. It will also grow with the business. It is a great all in one solution for any size business. You can even use this software for Facebook transactions with their Lite plan.


  • Integration solutions
  • Affordable
  • Customizable


Quickbooks POS software has something for everyone. This trusted name in financially based software doesn’t disappoint in this aspect either. Another great point of interest when using this brand is that it is a one time only purchase fee rather than a monthly plan. Buy it once and it’s yours to keep. This helps keep a budget on track and also keeps future costs down. Quickbooks is compatible with Windows products which makes it easy to use with most register systems or tablet based registers. Keep track of sales, inventory, and spending with ease when using Quickbooks POS software.


  • Reliable
  • Buy once
  • Keep financial information organized


Businesses need modern, forward-thinking POS systems to help them operate seamlessly and keep track of transactions and other important financial information. These top POS systems are great for most business ventures and have features and flexibility to help customers grow their business.