Cutting the lawn, for most people, brings no joy. It is simply a task which needs to be done on a regular basis, and can be exhausting and time-consuming. The best new lawn mowers make the job much easier, and there are enough different kinds of lawn mowers that almost everyone can find a mower they’re comfortable with. There are gas-powered mowers which have a lot of power and cut a wide swath, but they require regular maintenance. Electric mowers are quieter and don’t have emissions, and tend to be easy to start. Manual mowers are inexpensive, but since they don’t have engines, they are best for small lawns. The top 3 lawn mowers are the Snapper, the Husqvarna, and the Honda.

Top Three Lawn Mowers

  • Snapper P2185020
  • Husqvarna HU800AWDH
  • Honda HRX217K5VKA

Snapper P2185020

The Snapper P2185020 is great because it’s an affordable lawn mower that is so easy to use. The top speed is 4 mph, which is fast for a push mower. With a wide handle, it’s easy to steer and is good at cutting wide open areas, but is not so good at getting into tight corners. This model has a Fresh Start insert in the gas cap which preserves the gas in the mower instead of the gas can, keeping the fuel stable throughout the entire season. Easy to start, it also has rear-wheel drive and 7 different heights to choose from. This model can be found at a low price of $407.99 on Amazon, with a 4-year protection plan for $19.43 and free shipping. Some other Snapper models which don’t have as many options can be found for as little as $248 at Walmart, with free shipping.


  • Faster than most push mowers, at around 4 MPH
  • Wide handle allows for easy steering and maneuvering
  • Fresh Start insert preserves gas in the mower itself, rather than needing a separate gas container

Husqvarna HU800AWDH

The Husqvarna HU800AWDH is among the best AWD lawn mowers, which makes it great for people who have hills or other kinds of rough terrain. This model also has a powerful Honda 190cc engine, making it easier to push. The drive system is also self-propelled, meaning the person mowing the lawn simply has to walk behind it. For people with large lawns, these features can be a life saver. There are 9 different heights to choose from, and mowers also have a choice whether to collect clippings, mulch them or shoot them out the side. This model is available at Lowe for $499, with an extended protection plan for $99.


  • All-wheel drive makes this ideal for hills and other types of rough terrain
  • 190cc engine makes this mower easy to push
  • Self-propelled drive system makes mowing nearly effortless

Honda HRX217K5VKA

The Honda HRX217K5VKA has a variable speed, ergonomic, intuitive Select Drive system, and a powerful Honda motor, which gives it enough power to do almost any lawn. The most maneuverable of the gas lawn mowers, it also leaves the best looking lawn at the end. The blade system keeps clippings suspended while they are cut, then recut. The mower stays clean while the lawn mower is in use, even when the lawn is wet. Mowers can choose to bag clippings, mulch them, or do a combination. The mowing deck is rust and dent free with a lifetime warranty. This model can be purchased for $599 at Home Depot, which is cheaper even than the Amazon price, with a 3 year protection plan for only $130.


  • Variable-speed, ergonomic, intuitive Select Drive system can handle just about any lawn
  • Can even handle wet lawns without the worry of clogged blades or motor
  • Choice of bagging clipping, mulching them, or a combination of both


No matter which model you choose, these incredible new lawn mowers are sure to make the chore of mowing your lawn simple and more effective. Be sure to compare prices at various retailers before making your purchase, so you can get the best deal possible!