Custom closets make organization a breeze and keep your clothes and accessories neat and ready to wear. Many people think that custom closets need to be huge walk-ins with a lot of added features; while this is often the case a custom system makes as much sense for small closets are well. California Closets, Ikea, and the Elfa System from the Container Store all have functional systems that will improve the organization of any sized closet. If you are looking to create a closet system that is tailor made for your storage needs keep reading to learn more about these helpful systems.

Top 3 Custom Closet Systems

  • California Closets
  • Ikea
  • Elfa System (Container Store)
California Closets

Considered the top quality custom closet system, California Closets can create a complete system with whatever storage options suit your needs. Their local contractors will come to measure and discuss the length and height of hanging space that you need, the number of drawers and other shelving, and other features such as storage islands that contain drawers along with a surface for accessories. These systems vary in size, materials, and complexity and the prices follow accordingly. If you want the best of the best then California Closets is the one for you.


  • Fully customizable in every way
  • Local contractors complete the project from design creation to installation
  • Maximizes all usable space especially in oddly shaped spaces


This system is built around the PAX wall unit which does come with some customizability. The best part of the Ikea system is the amount of different components available. There are drawers, shelves, hanging rods, and shoe cubicles that can be configured to best meet your needs. Best of all, Ikea now has delivery and assembly services! Many people rave about the affordability of the Ikea system which can be completed for less than $2,000 for an average sized closet. If you want good organization at a reasonable price, check out Ikea for custom closets.


  • Affordability of the systems, an average sized closet can be less than $2,000
  • Delivery and assembly services available
  • PAX wall unit can be configured to meet your storage needs

Elfa System (Container Store)

Ask anyone who has used the Elfa system how they like it and prepare yourself for glowing reviews! These are a customer favorite due to many reasons. This great looking system is fully customizable through the website or by meeting with one of the Container Stores designers. The system can be self-installed to save money or you can have the folks at the Container Store handle everything from start to finish. The Elfa closet system is especially effective in tight spaces where there is a strong need for storage and organization. Kids systems, that can be easily adapted to grow with them, are also available.


  • Affordable systems that are easily configured to meet your needs
  • Annual 30% sale makes the price even better!
  • In-store design advisors will ensure you get the closet of your dreams


A custom closet system can be created by a contractor or with one of the many DIY kits available that can be tailor made to meet your exact requirements. These top three custom closet systems will tackle all of your storage needs in style!