Cord blood banking is the storage of blood collected from the umbilical cord at birth. This blood contains valuable stem cells that can be used to treat serious health problems later in life. Once collected, this rare blood is stored by cord blood banks. Every blood bank needs to have accreditation from the American Association of Blood Banks and the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy. In addition to these licenses, make sure that every bank has a history of releasing cord blood for therapy purposes. This is one of the biggest reasons parents bank their child’s cord blood. Furthermore, see if the bank has a courier service that will pick up blood and ensure it doesn’t degrade en route. This can be difficult information to find out, which is why we’ve reviewed the top cord blood banking options.

Top Private Cord Blood Banks:

  • Core Blood Registry
  • Lifebank USA
  • Family Cord
  • Carolinas Core Blood Bank

Core Blood Registry

This is one of the oldest blood banks in the USA with an impressive track record. They have been in operation since the early 1990s and have all of the necessary accreditation available. This bank is located in San Bruno, CA. Furthermore, these blood banks all operate private labs that run tests for HIV, CMV, HTLV, syphilis, and a host of other diseases. It is important to test for these diseases because they can have an adverse affect on the development of a child. In addition, all of these tests are included in their initial registration price. When it comes to complete, safe, and reliable service, this blood bank has it all.


  • Core Blood Registry is one of the oldest banks available.
  • They include testing for a variety of diseases.
  • This cost is included in the original price.

Lifebank USA

This is one of the newer blood banks around which means it comes with some impressive new services to set off a shorter track record. Based in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, this bank not only stores cord blood for typical services but saves placenta blood as well. The price of storing placenta blood is included wth the initial charge. Placenta tissue is important because it can be used to generate cartilage, connective tissue, and bone in addition to using the cord blood to generate more blood cells. With so many different services in one place, this is one of the highest-quality banks available.


  • Lifebank stores both cord and placenta blood.
  • It is a newer bank.
  • Placenta can be used to regrow a variety of tissues.

Family Cord

This is a high-quality lab that has the best rating from the Better Business Bureau in addition to all of the necessary accreditations. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, this bank has a long history of satisfied customers since it opened its doors in in 1997. Because having a newborn can be expensive, this bank waves its annual fee for the first year. This is important for families with a sick child or some other medically-related need for the cord blood.


  • This bank has been open since 1997.
  • Family Cord waves the cost for the first year.
  • This is a good choice for families with multiple sick children.

Carolinas Core Blood Bank

This bank opened its doors in 1998 and is associated with Duke University. Trials are underway for the treatment of Cerebral Palsy with cord blood. Parents can receive financial aid if there are other family members who can benefit from treatment with the cord blood.


  • This bank is affiliated with Duke University.
  • There are trials being performed to examine the treatment of Cerebral Palsy with cord blood.
  • Financial aid is available for families in need of treatment.


Cord blood banking is important for parents who want to provide their children with additional layers of long-term protection. While cord blood banking services cost momey over time, it’s a worthwhile investment for those who can afford it. Remember to do your research and compare your options before choosing a cord banking service.