While Apple may get a lot of publicity for the iPhone, phones built on the Android platform definitely give Apple a run for the money. While Apple offers only the iPhone, Android users can choose between several makes and models to find the best phone for their personal or business needs. With so many Android phones on the market, however, deciding which phone is the best can be challenging. To help narrow your search, we’ve reviewed some of the best of the best Android phones on the market. Keep reading to learn more about the five new top-rated Android phones for 2016, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Top 5 New Android Phones of 2016

  • Google Pixel
  • LG V20
  • Huawei Mate 9
  • Lenovo Phab2 Pro
  • Xiaomi Redmi 4

Google Pixel

The Google Pixel is quickly becoming one of the most popular Android phones on the market, especially after the issues surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The Pixel comes with an impressive HD screen, a fantastic battery life and the new Google Assistant. Users can speak into the phone (similar to Siri on iPhone) and instantly browse the web to find what they’re looking for. The Pixel also comes with unlimited cloud storage and a video chat program called Google Duo.


  • 12.3 MP camera that was rated as the best-ever phone camera by DXOMark
  • Unlimited cloud storage for videos and photos
  • Video chat program called Google Duo
  • Released September 6, 2016

LG V20

The LG V20 is the successor to the popular LG V10 phone released last year. The LG V20 is known for its impressive audio abilities with the headphone jack that the new iPhone recently removed. People can remove the battery if necessary to replace it. The battery can be charged quickly with a USB-C cable. It uses a powerful Qualcomm processor and comes with 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. People can access additional storage with a microSD card.


  • Impressively clear audio capabilities
  • Removable battery can be quick-charged with a USB-C cable
  • Comes with 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage
  • More storage space available with a microSD card
  • Anticipated Release November 2016

The Huawei Mate 9 is an impressive device, but also one of the most expensive Android phones on the market, costing around $700. This is going to be a top end phone, featuring a beautiful 20 MP camera, a full HD display at 1920x1080 and a powerful Octa-Core processor capable of flying at over 2.5 GHz. The Mate 9 can be purchased with up to 6 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of internal storage, and also includes a microSD expansion slot for an additional 256 GB of space. With a phone like this, why would anyone need a computer?


  • Features impressive specs and top-notch performance
  • Comes with a 20 MP camera and a full HD screen
  • Features an Octa-Core processor, 6 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of storage plus a microSD expansion slot

The Lenovo Phab2 Pro

Last summer, Lenovo announced the Phab2 Pro to hit the markets in the fall of 2016. The Phab2 Pro carries a price point of around $500 and features the experimental Project Tango. This is a project developed by Google in hopes of teaching phones to learn its position in the world without the use of Wi-Fi or GPS. This means the phone will be building based on surfaces and objects in the room and recognize familiar spaces. It hopes to be the first step in real-time 3D mapping. The phone has a larger screen at 6.4 in. with an HD display. It has a 1.8 GHz processor from Qualcomm. It comes with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and a slot for a microSD card. It also features 4 cameras. The battery is impressive, as it should be given the capabilities of Project Tango.


  • Features the experimental Project Tango
  • The screen is 6.4 inches with HD display
  • Features four cameras for exceptional photo and video capture

The Xiaomi Redmi 4

The highly-anticipated Xiaomi Redmi 4 will be the first in its series. It carries a powerful 1.8 GHz processor, 3 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of storage. The 5-inch screen features a 1080P resolution. It comes with a 13 MP camera on the back and an 8 MP camera on the front. While the various specifications have been slowly leaked, the full story is being successfully concealed for the anticipated upcoming release later this fall.


  • The Xiaomi Redmi 4 is the first phone in this series
  • Comes with a 1,8 GHz processor
  • 13 MP camera on the back and an 8 MP camera on the front
  • Expected release in fall 2016


Regardless of which Android phone you choose, you’re sure to enjoy powerful performance and tons of exciting features only found on Android phones. Which one will you choose?