Save money on the all-new Samsung Galaxy S10! While the new Galaxy S10 models have the latest bells and whistles that threaten to break your budget, there are many deals now available for this state of the art technology. The Galaxy S10 lineup provides the latest and greatest tech, including faster processing, larger displays that are crystal-clear, an incredible camera, wireless charging, longer battery life, and much more. Thanks to the new mind-blowing Samsung Galaxy Fold, the S10 lineup sports prices that are even cheaper than expected. Available in S10e, S10, and S10 Plus, smartphone fans are sure to find the right models for their needs at prices that they can afford. Major retailers and the leading cellular companies are offering amazing deals on the new Samsung Galaxy 10, which are priced as follows: the S10e is the cheapest version at $749.99, while the basic S10 costs $899.99 and the larger S10+ costs $999.99. However, be aware that many available deals on the Galaxy S10 models require a phone trade or a service contract with major phone companies. Grab one of these Galaxy S10 models for less money than you might expect before it’s too late! Read on to find out what you need to know about the following deals on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 models.

Deals on Galaxy S10 Models

  • Major Retailers
  • Cell Phone Providers
  • Deals on Older Galaxy Models

Major Retailers

One of the most obvious places to get a new Samsung S10 is through Samsung, where they are offering a trade-in credit of up to $550. This deal depends on eligibility requirements, such as the model of the phone and if it is in good working order. Newer phones - including the iPhone 8 or later - are good for the full $550 credit, while older phones qualify for at least $150. Another retailer that’s all about the trade-in is Best Buy, also offering up to $550 for the trade of your current phone for a new Samsung S10 model. Customers must bring their old phones to a Best Buy store and activate the new Samsung S10 models on site with Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T. Best Buy is also offering an extra $100 for activation with Sprint and an extra $50 for activation with Verizon. Sam’s Club also has a good deal on the Samsung S10, offering up to $200 in the form of a gift card with the order of a S10e, S10, or S10 Plus. Signing up for service through US Cellular, Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon is part of this deal.


  • Samsung deal for $550 credit
  • Best Buy trade-in deal for up to $650
  • Sam’s Club gift card deal

Cell Phone Providers

Many cell phone providers are taking advantage of this opportunity to release special deals with the lease or purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S10. Sprint is offering a free Galaxy 10e with the lease of an 10e, 10, or 10 Plus. The most affordable option is the 10e, which costs no money down and is $31.25 per month in addition to service. This model is eligible for purchase or an upgrade after 18 months. Xfinity Mobile has a similar price for the S10e, and is offering a $250 prepaid Visa card for customers who port their number with Xfinity and activate a new line of service. Verizon is offering one of the best deals, in which customers get a 128GB Galaxy S10e for free with the purchase of a Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10 Plus. Customers can also use the $750 credit for the Galaxy S10e toward the purchase of a more expensive model if they would like. To score this deal, customers must sign up for Verizon’s monthly payment plan and activate a new line of service. The payment plan is 24 months and zero-percent APR, which is nice on the wallet.


  • Sprint lease deal for a free S10e
  • Xfinity Mobile prepaid giftcard with service
  • Verizon BOGO deal

Deals on Older Galaxy Models

Fortunately, the rollout of the S10 models means that previous Galaxy models are more affordable than ever. Consumers who want a great deal on an amazing phone that is not part of the Galaxy S10 lineup should check out the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note9. While fairly new, it’s still possible for consumers to get incredible deals on both of these models. Verizon is currently offering $300 off the cost of a new S9, which in many ways is still right on par with the new S10. Also, Sprint is offering $520 off the cost of a Note9 for people who buy a new line and activate billing through Sprint.


  • Verizon offers $300 off S9
  • Sprint offers $520 off Note9
  • The Galaxy S9 is in many ways on par with the S10


Deals on the Samsung Galaxy S10 abound, and there are savings to be had! Don’t miss out on these opportunities to get the phone you want without spending too much.