There was a time when home elevators were a symbol of wealth, but that has changed. Now, elevators are considered a justified investment for many, especially for the disabled. They are an affordable way to provide mobility to those you can’t use stairs and allow many people to stay in their homes. Elevators provide value in public places to those who have mobility challenges. It makes sense to have that same option in your own home. An elevator installer is able to work within your design, whether you are building a new house, considering building up to add on to an existing house, or wanting to fit an elevator into an existing space. The top home elevator installers are Lifton Home Lifts, Stiltz Lifts, and Easy Climber. Continue reading to find out more about these installers.

Best Home Elevator Installers

  • Lifton Home Lifts
  • Stiltz Lifts
  • Easy Climber

Lifton Home Lifts

Lifton Home Elevators are built to discreetly fit in the corner of a room, in the turn of a staircase, or even tucked in a closet. Lifton elevators are built with style in mind but are also masters in innovation. They have the first residential elevator that can fit a full sized wheelchair. It has a sloping access ramp, smooth ride and controls that you hold to run. With the thru car option, you have the ability to enter and exit the elevator on both sides. Lifton assures your satisfaction through the entire process and provides a personalized consultant with each installation. All costs from survey through installation to the demonstration of the elevator are included in the free quote.


  • Accommodates a full-sized wheelchair
  • Gently sloping access ramp
  • Exit points on both sides

Stiltz Lifts

Stiltz Lifts are freestanding and do not require hydraulics or supporting walls and can be installed anywhere in a two-story home, typically in a hallway. They are powered by a self-contained motor and run from a 220-volt outlet or a 110-volt outlet with a simple transformer. These elevators are shaftless and have self-supporting dual rails and are incredibly quiet. It takes about 30 seconds to move between floors. The Stiltz Lift can be installed in just one day. Depending on the model, the Stiltz elevator has a weight limit of between 375 to 500 pounds.


  • Battery backup for power outage
  • Does not need a supporting wall
  • One day installation

Easy Climber

The Easy Climber elevator has a self-contained lift mechanism and only requires a small footprint, only about four foot by three foot. The Easy Climber can be put virtually anywhere in your house. It does not have an elevator shaft and requires no requiring or mechanical room. It comes equipped with weight, balance and obstruction sensors, plus it has an exclusive fall arrest mechanism. The Easy Climber has top and bottom auto stop sensors that prevents the elevator from moving if something is in the path of the elevator cab. It includes low step, nonslip flooring and built-in grab bars for safe entry and exit. It has a rechargeable battery, so the elevator continues to work for several trips during a power outage.


  • Self contained lift mechanism
  • Top and bottom auto stop sensors
  • Rechargeable battery


A home elevator is a great way for you to regain independence, maintain mobility and stay in your home even after stairs become a challenge for you. There are several different elevator companies all offering something a little different. The elevator look and styling may be one of the deciding factors because they all have a distinct look. All three companies offer free quotes, so call them today and see which one is right for you.