It’s time to take advantage of the digital age with the best conferencing tools available. Video conferencing is the technology that allows you to hold meetings with several people, groups, who are located in different places while seeing them and talking to them in real time. It is different from simple video calling, which is normally one to one video communication. They can save time and money because the eliminate the need for travel. You can bind together your mobile, or virtual, workforce. You can schedule meetings without a heavy concern on time. Conferencing tools can be used to improve customer support and relationships. Utilizing the advantages of conferencing solutions can give your support team a greater ability to take control of a client’s computer and fix problems in a more efficient and timely manner. The top conferencing tools are GoToMeeting, Bluejeans, and Zoom.

Top Conferencing Tools

  • GoToMeeting
  • BlueJeans
  • Zoom


GoToMeeting allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere and on any device. Everyone can be on a different type of computer or device and it won’t interfere with the conferencing abilities. It boasts one of the simplest interfaces. It allows you to launch meetings quickly from applications you already use, such as email. GoToMeeting gives you unlimited meetings. Each meeting room has a custom URL. It has HD video, clear audio and a shared screen. GoToMeeting has a smart meeting assistant that creates transcripts of our recorded meetings, which can be shared. It has end to end encryption and strong passwords ensuring you a most secure meeting. GoToMeeting hosts over 80 million online meetings per year.


  • End to End Encryption
  • Simple Interface
  • Smart Meeting Assistant


BlueJeans has integrated workflows available for your to schedule and start live video from tools you use every day. You will engage in HD video and audio with Dolby Voice. BlueJeans allows for video across multiple platforms and devices. BlueJeans Events hosts and livestreams interactive events, townhalls and webinars. It provides real time analytics and room management from one centralized dashboard. BlueJeans Command Center gives staff the meeting intelligence to measure ROI, solve network issues, manage rooms and make informed decisions. BlueJeans brings together features like screen sharing, polling, recording, and text chat to make collaboration easy. They have integration points with key AI and voice recognition partners to streamline tasks like intelligent transcription and meeting initiation.


  • BlueJeans Command Center
  • Livestream Interactive Events
  • Voice Recognition


Zoom provides support for meetings with 1000 video participants and 49 videos on the screen. Multiple participants can share their screens simultaneously. Zoom has role-based user security, waiting rooms and password protection. Meetings can be recorded on a local server or to the cloud and transcripts are created. You can chat with groups of people. Those chats have a searchable history, file sharing and archived for 10 years. Zoom has a desktop and mobile device tools. The Zoom application will record the video and turn it into notes with auto-generated transcripts. You can share and play videos with full audio without having to upload the content. You can make sure you always are ready for a meeting with virtual backgrounds and the touch up my appearance tool. You can track the engagement of your participants with attention indicator.


  • Touch Up My Appearance
  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Upload and Play Videos


There are many conferencing tools available. All of them offer similar type features, such as recording the meeting and creating a transcript. However, there are differences among each of them that set them apart from each other, such as touch up my appearance and command centers. It comes down to you finding the conferencing tool to give you exactly what you need at a price you can afford.