Custom shipping labels offer an extra touch of personality to any package. These types of labels are high-quality and created to make an impact. Whether they are for personal use or business mailings, custom shipping labels make a statement on anything you send out. You can customize shipping labels at many places but in some cases, you end up spending so much on the labels the price is not worth it. Finding great deals can take hours of time that could be better spent on other matters. The best three places to offer customized shipping labels at prices that will not have buyers cringing include ULine, 123 Print, and Colorful Images. Read on to find out what you need to know about ordering custom shipping labels from these companies.

Best Companies for Custom Shipping Labels

  • ULine
  • 123 Print
  • Colorful Images


This is the company that has gained an industry advantage for mailing needs of businesses throughout the world. Their labels are printed on smudge-proof papers and the colors are bright, catching the attention of the recipients and putting your information out there in a powerful way. You can choose their standard pre-designed labels or upload an image of your own for printing. Unlike many other places, ULine does not charge extra if you choose to use your own design. They also promise to ship within five days on your order. The price of your labels decreases the more you order. For 1000 labels, you are looking at spending 73 dollars for 4x5-inch labels. If you order 10,000 labels of the same size, you’ll be spending only $46 per 1000.


  • Same price for using your own design as using their own designs
  • Labels come in two sizes, 3"x 4” and 4"x 5”
  • Offers monthly specials

123 Print

This company offers both pre-designed labels and design-your-own ones. Shipping takes place in as little as one to three days. They offer a wide selection of designs that can be adapted for both business and personal use and the cost. The paper is a laser matte finish that resists smearing and holds color well. Their cost for 600 design-your-own labels in 4” x 3 5/16” will cost you $53 but the price per label decreases with the increase of number ordered. If you choose one of their pre-printed designs, you can opt to receive two free samples. This helps if you are torn between two different designs.


  • Re-ordering is easy and all your information is kept safe
  • The minimum number required for order is lower than at many other places
  • Shipping time can range from one to ten days, depending on the speed of mail service chosen

Colorful Images

This company caters to those seeking to order labels for personal use, although artists and others with very small businesses may find a design that works well with their image. They don’t offer a choice to upload your own design but there are several hundred designs to choose from, arranged by category to make it easy to find what you are looking for. Their customer service is exceptional. The pricing is simple. Labels are sold in packages of 36 for $8.99. The labels are smudge-proof and measure 3 3/8” x 3 7/8”.


  • Labels are foil-accented
  • Can often find great deals on discontinued styles
  • Offers a Smart Buyers Club that gives customers ten percent off all orders


While it seems obvious to have co-ordinated letterheads and envelopes, mailing labels are often overlooked. You don’t have to spend a fortune on labels and many times can find them as low as nine cents per label. Including a design that highlights your personality or the purpose of your business can help bring in business. In a visual society, even a simple mailing label can convey a cohesive message.