Pets can be important to our lives, sometimes just as much as our own children, and sometimes we treat them just like our own children. With that in mind, when something goes wrong, it’s right to panic. But if your pet gets sick or injured, you don’t have to wait till morning to do something about it. Emergency animal vets will care for your pet right away, giving them the medical attention they need, right when they need it. Because the sooner you take care of your pet, the better the outcome. Find an injured animal on the road? They may be able to help with that too. Keep reading to learn more about the some of the best emergency animal vets in the country.

Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital

The Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital is made up of a team of trained and highly skilled veterinarians with extensive experience. With 12 locations in Orange County, the Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital is conveniently located wherever needed. During the week the clinic is open from 6:00 pm to 8:00 am Monday through Friday. On the weekends however, the clinic is open for 24 hours. The team is prepared to handle a variety of emergencies including trauma, poisoning and illness. Animals that have been hit by a car, bitten, burned or bleeding may all seek treatment at these hospitals. And because it’s hard to keep your pets away from toxic materials like poisons, household cleaners and even chocolate, they can help patients with these problems too. The Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital team has been certified as The Best Vet in Town. Can’t pay right away? They accept Care Credit and all major credit cards.


  • Open 24 hours on weekends
  • Can handle a variety of injuries
  • 12 locations across the county

VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital

The VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital is a General Practice Hospital that while open from 8:00 am to 10:30 pm, accepts emergency patients 24-hours a day with no appointment needed. The VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital is one of the largest small animal hospitals in the country. Their team of experienced veterinarians and assistants are proud to help you and your pet. They are trained to handle a variety of injuries, illnesses and other emergency relating to small animals. If you have questions or concerns, the hospital is always available to call.


  • Open 24 hours for emergencies
  • One of the largest small animal hospitals in the country
  • Can handle a variety of emergencies

San Francisco SPCA

San Francisco SPCA offers emergency veterinarian services that patients can count on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. At the San Francisco SPCA urgent care clinic, their team knows how important pets can be and how vital emergency care can be. Those seeking emergency care should call first and bring pets to the Pets Unlimited Care Center. This clinic may require appointments, as necessary for space. When calling, specialists will get you an urgent care appointment within 48 hours. Crucial emergencies such as severe injuries can be treated right away as a walk-in appointment. Regardless, the specialist over the phone will direct you to the best option for your pet. The San Francisco SPCA urges pet owners not to try any home treatments and to seek help right away.


  • Takes appointments
  • Available 24/7
  • Can schedule appointment in the next 48 hours


While the emergency services on this list may not be available all over the country, emergency services much like these will be available. By searching online, you can easily find emergency vet services in your area. Be sure to read their rules and the hours they are open before taking your pet. If you don’t need services now, write down their number and be prepared to call it whenever the need may rise.