One of the best decisions a business can make is to accept credit cards. When a business only accepts cash, they are missing out on valuable sales. It is difficult to pick a credit card processing system because there are so many options available. There are many ways for businesses to accept credit cards, it’s easy to get lost in the details. The key is to find the card payment system that fits your specific needs. Many systems allow you to pick the features you need and stay within your budget. You also want to ensure that the system you pick isn’t putting stringent restrictions upon you. The top card payment services are Merchant One, Square, and Flagship Merchant Services. Continue reading to find out which one is right for you.

Card Payment Services

  • Merchant One
  • Square
  • Flagship Merchant Services

Merchant One

Merchant One uses state of the art technology for point of sale systems, mobile payments and wireless programs. They provide a dedicated account manager for each account, in addition to support 24 hours, 7 days a week. Merchant One can transform your payment data into valuable insight into your customers and sales and provide information to help you grow your business. They offer easy, secure and reliable credit card processing for multiple business types, including eService stores and business with physical locations. They have industry low rates, which are as low as .29%. Merchant One offers fast set up and you can accept credit cards within 24 hours of applying.


  • Transforms payment data to help grow your business
  • Industry low rates
  • Dedicated account manager


Square is easy to use and its rates are simple and transparent. Square uses the flat-rate pricing model, so no matter which card brand and type, credit or debit, your customer uses, you pay the same rate. They fully disclose their rates on their website. Square does not have any monthly account or setup fees. They also do not require a contract and offers a pay as you go service and you can close your account at any time. You are also in control of how quickly you receive your funds, but scheduling it or choosing an instant deposit. The Square Point of Sale is plug and play and easy to set up and use. This system allows you to accept cash, checks and gift cards in addition to credit cards. The Square system allows you to do many other things such as create and print receipts, manage customer information, and process transactions online.


  • Flat rate pricing model
  • No contracts
  • Square system allows for cash and check payments

Flagship Merchant Services

Flagship Merchant Services offers customers month to month service with no early termination fee. You are able to choose the pricing model that best fits your business. Flagship offers tiered or interchange plus pricing. Interchange plus pricing is clear and transparent but may cost more money for those who have a high volume of PIN debit card transactions. It offers free merchant account set up. The credit card terminal is easy to use, secure and reliable, and best of all, is free. Flagship has business intelligence and analytics to help you understand your customers and grow your business. They also have a check and gift card program available.


  • Month to month service
  • Free credit card terminal
  • Business intelligence and analytics


If you have a business, no matter its size, you should consider a credit card processing system. Many people no longer carry cash and if you aren’t accepting credit cards, you are losing business. There are many systems available. Find the one that offers you a price point you can handle and services you need.