Treadmills have been a staple of home gyms for decades for good reason. For competitive runners, they can help perfect form and offer practice space that isn’t impacted by weather. For those seeking slimmer, fitter bodies, a treadmill offers a great cardio workout without significant expertise. Newer models are more than a spinning belt, they offer a variety of courses suitable for all levels of fitness, smartphone connectivity, heart rate monitoring, adjustable surface tension, and more. There are a lot of options to choose from and the prices can vary dramatically, but the top three that offer the best bang for the buck are the NordicTrack C990, the ProForm Pro 2000, and the Sole F63. Read on to discover more about these models.

  • Nordic Track C 990
  • ProForm Pro 2000
  • Sole F63

The Nordic Track C990

A budget-friendly model that exceeds expectations, the Nordic Track C990 features an assortment of workouts preset and lots of quality of life accessories including space for your MP3 player, smartphone, water bottle, and tablet. A 7” screen with WiFi capacity so you can binge watch your favorite Netflix show, imagine you are running the streets of Tibet with Google Maps, or monitor your workout metrics. A built-in fan keeps you comfortable while you run. The shock system is better than peers at this price level, adjusting to firm up the belt when running for a more natural surface.

    A WiFi-enabled 7” screen to provide entertainment and tracking while working out. Less than $1,000 and able to offer a decent workout to runners with preset courses. Quality of life accessories like trays to store electronics and a built-in fan.

ProForm Pro 2000

A solid entry with lots of versatility, the ProForm Pro 2000 shines in its ability to mimic hilly courses. It can reach a 15% incline and a 3% decline to offer a more accurate hilly run. The deck belt is wide enough, 22"x60”, to allow runners to focus on the workout and less on keeping centered and the 3.5-horsepower motor can stand up to daily use. The Pro 2000 doesn’t skimp on tech integration either. It features a 7” screen that syncs with iFit workouts, has a port for iPods that allows music streaming, and includes a number of workout apps. Runners can monitor the impact of the workout with the EKG grip pulse and wireless chest strap. The ProShox Cushioning helps reduce the impact for runners. Overall, this is a solid treadmill for beginner to average runners and can stand up to daily runs or interval training. Available for $12,400.

  • An affordable daily runner with realistic hilly workouts.
  • iPhone compatible with lots of fitness apps
  • EKG grip pulse and wireless chest strap allow monitoring of health during run.

Sole F65

Durable construction and a versatile range of pre-built workouts make the Sole F63 a treadmill worth considering. The integrated heart-rate monitor helps runners adapt their workout to based on real time data. Built-in Bluetooth and a smartphone dock make it easy to sync to the Sold Fitness App to set goals and track progress. The 7.5” LCD display allows runners to monitor progress or stay entertained during the workout. The Soul held up to rigorous use with an excellent safety rating. The Sole can be purchased for $1,299.

  • Powerful 3.25 chp motor and 22x60” running surface is solid enough for daily use and beginner to intermediate runners.
  • 7.5” LCD screen and Bluetooth connectivity make it easy to entertain and inform during use.
  • Built-in heart rate monitor allows runners to adapt workouts based on real-time data.


For runners seeking a solid treadmill that can provide them real-time data, a motor powerful enough to hold up to routine use, smart technology integration at prices that won’t break the bank, all three of these would be a good choice. Those who run regularly in hilly conditions would do best with the ProForm, while those concerned with durability and real-time monitoring could do well with the Sole. The technology lovers who appreciate well-designed equipment with lots of quality-of-life features will love the Nordic Track.