Top 3 Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting is a key component to any business today, even those that are not working only in the eCommerce space. In today’s business environment, every company needs a strong web presence. For small businesses and startups, finding a reliable provider that is also affordable is key. When choosing the right web hosting company, there are several key factors to consider: reliability, price point, and the level of customer service offerings. Luckily, price has come down in this industry while reliability and customer service levels have risen. We have taken a look at some of the top web hosting companies to help simplify your selection process, and through our research have determined the best web hosting companies in today’s market. Our analysis brought us to the conclusion that the top three web hosting companies are iPage, Blue Host, and Read on learn more about how these top providers can meet your web-hosting needs.

Top 3 Web Hosting Companies

  • iPage
  • Blue Host


For businesses that only require a landing page and very little other interfaces, iPage is tops in affordability while providing a basic yet functional interface. With a special introductory rate of $1.99 per month, you can’t beat the price! They offer unlimited bandwidth, multiple email mailboxes along with free tech support all day, every day. Customers also get access to Google Webmaster tools, eCommerce website functionality and a slew of helpful apps that can help you launch blogs, stores, galleries and more. Unhappy customers can get their money back within 30 days of joining, but we’re confident you’ll be thrilled with iPage’s services.


  • Incredibly low $1.99/month
  • Multiple email boxes included in fee
  • Comprehensive customer service available 24/7

Blue Host

Blue Host comes highly recommended and is the top choice of Word Press, today’s absolute top website platform. This service is offered at a $2.95/per month platform and is known to be highly reliable with very little downtime. Included in the cost is a free domain, email, and unlimited file transfer. Google, Bing and other search platforms offer advertising credits for customers who don’t mind showing ads on their websites, and customers also have 30 days to decide whether they’re happy with Blue Host. Customers can opt for shared hosting, dedicated servers or virtual private hosting.


  • Low price of $2.95/month also includes cost of domain
  • Highly regarded provider due to reliability and low amount of downtime
  • Unlimited amount of domains and email boxes included in monthly fee

For the small business owner or entrepreneur that is looking for a do-it-yourself model, yet has little to no web building experience, is likely the best choice. This provider has 1,000s of templates available and their interface is geared toward those that want to avoid the high cost of third party web design. Their tutorials provide all you need to get your businesses’ web presence up and running without any prior web building experience.


  • Perfect for do-it-yourselfers that want to avoid hiring an outside design team
  • Their pricing model varies by a la carte service choices so you won’t be paying for features you don’t use
  • Thousands of templates are available along with $200 of advertising credits to get you started


These top three web hosting companies vary in services offered and available features. All three are known to be reliable, with little downtime and a robust customer service team. With all of the many hosting companies available today, these companies are a good choice due to their solid reputations for delivering quality services.