Small business owners are always on the lookout for cost savings and greater efficiency. VoIP services provide both of these advantages with increasing availability. Once a novel and confusing concept that many business owners shied away from, Voice over Internet Phone (VoIP) services are increasing in reliability and popularity. Today we are going to look at the top VoIP Providers for Small Businesses and see who offers the most relevant services with the greatest reliability and cost effectiveness. Vonage, Ooma, and Ring Central are the top 3 VoIP providers for small businesses and these companies understand the importance of providing top-level customer service to their customers. The main decision points when choosing VoIP services center around broadband requirements, additional equipment costs and level of reliability. Keep reading if you are a small business owner that is interested in learning more about VoIP as a solution for your business requirements. We are going to take a closer look at Vonage, Ooma, and Ring Central and the services that they offer.

Top 3 VoIP Providers for Small Businesses

  • Vonage
  • Ooma
  • Ring Central


Vonage is the trailblazer for the VoIP industry and has worked diligently to maintain its position as more players enter the field. Their services are purchased on a single line basis so scaling up is easily done without excess capacity. Their technology works seamlessly with Microsoft, Cisco, and other major vendors to increase capabilities while decreasing integration headaches. Their business packages are consistently ranked highest and their customer service is also well regarded.


  • Ease of integration with other major software providers
  • Scaling is efficient and simple, easily prevents unnecessary capacity
  • Burstable service offerings prevent outages due to usage spikes


Ooma is the techies’ darling as it is the most flexible as far as the amount of work that you would like to do yourself. The cost-savings can be significant when you complete installation and set-up yourself. Their capabilities lend themselves well to both mobile and traditional brick and mortar business interests. One drawback from the Ooma service model is that their support tops out at 10 employees which makes this provider ideal for small companies that do not anticipate a large amount of growth in the near-term.


  • Ideal for both traditional brick and mortar businesses as well as 100% online companies
  • Significant cost savings are available with the do-it-yourself installation model
  • Targeted for use by small sized companies and well-suited to meet those unique needs

Ring Central

This provider leads the market in offerings and customer base size. Their services are comprehensive and fully customizable. Their business specific services such as disaster recovery and utilization of ubiquitous broadband capabilities. Their equipment installation process is seamless and does not require any downtime or interruption of service. Ring Central offers very competitive pricing while maintaining a robust and highly regarded customer service team.


  • No interruption of service during installation
  • Robust offerings that are largely customizable to meet your specific requirements


VoIP continues to improve in quality and availability while the cost of services remains well below that of traditional telephone service providers. These 3 providers represent those that are best suited to meet the unique needs of the small business owner. VoIP services are also growing to include disaster recovery and data security, while hardware innovations are slowly phasing out the requirement for dedicated equipment, further lowering the expense. If you are a small business owner it is worth the time to take a closer look at the current offerings of these top 3 VoIP providers.