A window without blinds or window treatment makes a room look like a monastic cell. On the other hand, attractive blinds can give it ambiance and coziness. Blinds keep prying eyes out and privacy in. They also have practical applications besides their aesthetic values. They help keep the summer heat out and warm air inside in winter. Blinds come, of course, in myriads of shapes, materials, and designs that fit any consumer requirements. The question then becomes: Where to buy blinds, online or in a local store, and what are the five top retailers for ordering new blinds? Check out these blind companies: Amazon,, Blinds Chalet, Home Depot and Shades Shutters Blinds.

Top five retailers for ordering new blinds

  • Amazon
  • Blinds Chalet
  • Home Depot (Home Decorators Collection)
  • Shades Shutters Blinds

Amazon carries tens of thousands of horizontal and vertical blinds, window dressings, Roman shades, Honeycomb, pleated, and roller shades in their Home and Kitchen section. They sell blinds from famous, large manufacturers and from smaller producers as well. Their selection runs the gamut from cheap and uninspiring to faux wood and pricey designer models. It is hard to beat their enormous selection of blinds, especially in the lower price range.


  • Huge selection of blinds and window treatments.
  • Easy to compare and order.
  • Amazon Prime members get fast shipping free.

An online retailer with an imposing sales volume of over 4,000 blinds a day. is on the list of the Top 500 online retailers. They carry a wide list of blinds of all types, window treatments, and faux wood panels. A well-designed website makes it easy to find just what you are looking for. And when you do, their prices are most competitive, generally even lower than the prices at the Home Depot and Amazon. They ship all orders for free. And they back up their products with a SureFit Guarantee. You buy risk-free. If the blinds don’t fit, they replace them to your satisfaction for free.


  • Huge selection of blinds and treatments.
  • You will find your dream blinds at
  • Free shipping is standard, always.

Blinds Chalet

This company has ‘a combined experience’ of over 25 years selling blinds, window decorations, shades, shutters, and more on a local level. Blinds Chalet is now an online retailer as well. They are proud of their unsurpassed customer service and the high quality of their products. Need a custom valance or drapery? They have a deal for you.


  • Brick and mortar-style customer appreciation and service over the Internet.
  • Custom orders accepted and produced to your satisfaction.
  • Free delivery via UPS and FedEx Ground.

Home Depot

It is almost counterintuitive to assume that a Big Box Store like the Home Depot would carry high-quality, designer blinds and window treatments. Yet, the Home Depot does. They offer customers thousands of blinds and window treatments in their Home Decorators Collection. Over 2,900 Faux wood alone. As well as cellular shades (over 2,000), bamboo and natural shades, and many other designs and types. Customers can also build their own blinds.


  • Easy access to local stores nationwide.
  • Free delivery to your home.
  • You can create your own custom design with the help of their experts.

Shades Shutters Blinds

Since their beginning 15 years ago, this company has become one of the top unaligned retailers for custom blinds and shades in the country. Their forte is solar shades, blackout shades, and just about any kind of shades that are friendly to the environment. In addition, they specialize in motorized shades.


  • This is the dominant independent retailer of custom blinds.
  • They highlight technically advanced products and materials for their blinds and shades.
  • Around 75 percent of their products are made in the United States.


In addition to these retailers, you can choose your very special blinds, shades, rollers, and any other window treatment from a growing list of independent and factory associated retailers online. Many represent the same leading manufacturers of blinds, a smaller number are independents. Customer service, quality, and reliable delivery are, therefore, important factors to consider when you decide on a particular retailer and on their products.