Have you considered corporate recruiting services? Corporate recruiting services are fairly new to the market but have already been implemented by coroprations across the country. With corporate recruiting services, you can find qualified potential new hires that are ready and willing to work for you. If you are looking for employees with the key skills needed for success in your corporation, corporate recruiting services will help you find, view, connect and communicate with potential hires. With corporate recruiting services, you can perform a number of different tasks including setting qualifications, managing positions and performing background checks among other things. If your corporation is in need of corporate savvy individuals with the desire to make your business thrive, it’s time to consider corporate recruiting services. The top corporate recruiting services include iCIMS, Insperity and Corporate Staffing Services. Read on to learn more.

Top Corporate Recruiting Services

  • Corporate Staffing Services
  • Insperity
  • iCIMS

Corporate Staffing Services

Corporate Staffing Services are among the most widely used corporate recruiting services out there. Corporate Staffing Services offers a number of different services including direct-hire contingent replacements, executive searches, temporary contract replacements and project-based talent acquisition. They use your specific requirements as clients and match those requirements with the most suitable candidates. Aiming to provide candidates with the potential for professional success and personal achievement, Corporate Staffing Services is dedicated to helping you and potential candidates find the right position. Corporate Staffing Services serves corporations in a variety of industries including engineering, food and beverage, manufacturing and sales.


  • Project-based talent acquisition
  • Dedicated to helping clients and candidates
  • Serves a variety of industries


Insperity recruitment services are all-inclusive, dedicating themselves to becoming your corporate recruitment department. Among the services offered by Insperity are OnDemand direct hire, outsourcing, sourcing, consulting and applicant tracking. Other services that Insperity will perform include background checks, employment branding and skill-based assessments among other things. Insperity has filled over 4,000 positions per year with over 75,000 candidates placed in total. Most impressive is their 95 percent retention rate. Having filled positions in a variety of fields including accounting, administration, sales and health care, many have come to trust and rely on their services. It’s also worth noting that fees are fixed, unlike with most recruitment services that charge a certain percentage of the position salary. And if the employee hired does not stay with you in the first 90 days, Insperity won’t even collect the fee.


  • 4,000 positions filled every year
  • Fixed fees
  • 90-day hire guarantee


iCIMS uses a different approach for your corporate recruiting needs. iCIMS is a corporate recruiting software that will help you connect with talent acquisition systems all in one place. From there you will be able to reach out to as many candidates as possible and nurture candidates to fit your needs. With access to centralized information, you’ll be able to manage candidates and jobs, so you can place them in appropriate positions. iCIMS uses completely paperless processes, allowing you to implement background checks, set minimum qualifications and non-selections. Used by companies like Jamba Juice, it offers the most reliable tools for finding the right hires.


  • Used by Jamba Juice
  • Manage talent and job positions
  • Centralized information from all talent acquisitions


If you are in need of new hires, any of the top 3 corporate recruiting services would work wonders for your business. By getting to know your business and working with it, they can help search for potential candidates that would be the best fit for your business and place them in appropriate positions. With their expertise, they’ll build you a workforce that will bring you guaranteed success, meeting your goals and expanding your business.