Ordering business checks online - either manual or computer - has never been easier or more secure online. Customers can choose from payroll and voucher checks, 2 and 3-per-page checks, and checks featuring over 25 distinct security measures, including watermarks and holograms, heat-sensitive ink, invisible and visible fluorescent fibers, and other safeguards against fraud. The following 5 online check companies provide high-quality, personalized business checks in hundreds of colors, a plethora of different styles and fonts, and literally thousands of stock logos: Vistaprint,,,, Check Advantage, Walmart.

Top 6 websites for ordering business checks

  • Vistaprint
  • Check Advantage
  • Walmart


Vistaprint is one of the largest providers of custom checks for both business and personal use. They have 67 available check designs, ranging from the conservative to the fun and whimsical, with business specific, monogrammed, geometric and borders, and nature and landscapes in between. All checks must be delivered to the address that’s printed on them, except for Intuit compatible computer checks, which can be used with every version of Quicken and Quickbook Pro. Draft checks and voucher checks are available, and purchasers can upload their own personal design.


  • Checks range from conservative to fun and whimsical
  • Intuit compatible computer checks can be used with Quicken and Quickbook Pro
  • Draft checks and voucher checks are available have been providing deposit slips, business checks, and business laser checks for more than 35 years at a great value. Their products include software compatible checks. Manual business checks can be ordered with business or payroll stubs and vouchers. Their laser checks are advertised as being the finest quality business laser checks selling for the lowest cost in the US. They promise to beat any competitor’s prices for business checks by 10%.


  • Software compatible and manual business checks available
  • Checks can be ordered with payroll stubs and vouchers
  • Any competitor’s prices will be undersold by 10% offers manual business, laser, and high-security checks for 60% off regular prices. Laser business checks work with Quicken, Microsoft Money, QuickBooks, Sage50, and more. Manual business checks come 3-to-a-page and include side-tear vouchers. They’re available in compact and traveler size as well. Their specialty is high-security laser business checks. Security features include the word Void appearing whenever a check is photocopied, and a multi-dimensional hot-stamped foil seal on check stock so they can’t be photocopied.


  • Manual business, laser, and high-security checks 60% off regular prices
  • Specialty is high-security laser business checks
  • Multi-dimensional hot stamped foil seal offers business payroll and designer checks, which are highly professional and inexpensive. Checks include several fraud-prevention details like micro-print signature lines and chemically sensitive paper. In addition to the traditional 3-on-a-page checks, they offer 1-on-a-page checks in either an antique color or safety blue, and estate checks. Checks come with a security screen, which involves extremely light printing over the document back with reversed text that’s not easily duplicated, either by a scanning / laser printer or by color copiers, or by a warning and padlock icon box. This box is only authorized by the Check Printers Stationery Assn.


  • Business payroll and designer checks available
  • Micro-print signature lines and chemically sensitive paper
  • Authorized by the Check Printers Stationery Association

Check Advantage

Check Advantage is an award-winning check ordering service offering unique original designs by artists that aren’t available elsewhere. They offer 2 distinct kits for business owners. One kit is for Quicken and Quickbook users, and it has checks, an endorsement stamp, and a deposit record. The second kit has a general disbursement check including the same supplies. Business checks come with either side-tear or top-stub formats.


  • Unique original designs by artists
  • Two distinct kits for business owners
  • Available with either side-tear or top-stub formats


Walmart provides both manual and computer business checks to meet all payroll and accounting needs. Manual checks are eco-friendly because they’re printed with soy ink on recycled paper. Their computer checks allow businesses to print out a number of checks at once to pay their bills. Walmart also uses a padlock icon on checks, which gives customers protection against fraud.


  • Manual and computer checks to meet payroll and accounting needs
  • Eco-friendly soy ink on recycled paper
  • Padlock icon on checks to protect against fraud


Professional looking high-security business checks have never been more attractive or safe to use. And, the sheer number of companies offering check printing services means a lot of choices. So, order your high-quality, personalized business checks today!