Having a baby is tough enough. Choosing the right products for your baby can oftentimes feel overwhelming, especially when you want to provide only the very best options that are available on the market. When you are looking into organic disposable diapers, making the right choice is often challenging with the booming market in organic products for both babies and children. Comparing the top 6 organic disposable diaper options ahead of time is a way to feel confident the next time you place an order or are shopping in person for your children. Most of the top-rated disposable diapers on the market are fragrance and chemical-free, ensuring your child is not exposed to potentially harmful side effects. Read on to learn more about some of the best options.

Top Organic Disposable Diapers

  • Bamboo Nature
  • Nature Babycare
  • Broody Chick
  • The Honest Company
  • Attitude
  • Seventh Generation

Bamboo Nature

Bamboo Nature diapers are eco-friendly and “green”, allowing you to give your baby the most organic disposable diaper possible. Although Bamboo Nature diapers are more costly than alternative options, they score extraordinarily high on absorption ability and the ability to dispose of them or recycle. The average price per diaper when ordering online from Amazon is $.36 cents each.


  • Flexible side panels make for a secure, easy fit.
  • Easily adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners.
  • Breathable back-sheet to keep the skin drier.

Nature Babycare

Nature Babycare diapers are disposable and eco-friendly. They are easy to dispose of and free of potentially harmful chemicals for babies and toddlers. The diaper itself has a paper-like feeling and does include a fragrance, which is not ideal for all parents and babies. However, they are still considered a green product and great go-to when shopping for a disposable diaper for your child.


  • Get free samples from the company’s website.
  • Diapers are chlorine free.
  • Naturally breathable.

Broody Chick

Broody Chick has a wide variety of disposable and green diapers on the market—from newborns to toddlers who are in the midst of potty training. These diapers are great for absorption and are also fragrance and chlorine free, which is desired when seeking out green and eco-friendly diapers for your baby. Broody Chick diapers are known to be some of the pricier choices when shopping for green diapers, although the durability and natural ingredients keep parents attracted as they are well-known to work and absorb more than most diapers on the market.


  • More expensive than some other organic diaper products.
  • No chlorine or fragrances.
  • Good absorption properties.

The Honest Company Diapers

The Honest Company Diapers is attractive to parents who are seeking eco-friendly green disposable diapers on a budget. Although there has been controversy with the company and its type of diapers, it is one of the biggest sellers in the market due to its lower price than traditional eco-friendly and green diapers. Additionally, The Honest Company Diapers have different styles and coloring on the diapers themselves, attracting buyers who are searching for a unique solution for their babies.


  • Moisture barrier cuffs help prevent leaks and blowouts.
  • Plant-based inner and outer layers.
  • Cute styles for boys and girls.


Attitude brand of diapers is a vegetable-based CO2 neutral formula that does not participate in animal testing when creating their disposable green diapers. The diapers do not contain perfume, chemicals, or chlorine in them, classifying them as eco-friendly and accessible to those who want a neutral type of diaper. Although Attitude diapers are not the most affordable on the market, their ingredients and willingness to not test on animals or include any chemicals in the diapers themselves is appealing to most consumers who are seeking disposable eco-friendly diaper options.


  • Fragrance-free.
  • Made without animal testing.
  • Neutral style.

Seventh Generation, Free & Clear. Unbleached Diapers

One of the most popular disposable diapers on the market today includes Seventh Generation, Free & Clear. Unbleached Diapers. Seventh Generation provides premium leak protection without the use of chlorine or bleaching, ideal for babies who have sensitive skin. Additionally, the diapers do not utilize lotions or fragrances to help protect the skin while offering a natural choice for parents seeking disposable diapers that are friendly to the environment. The diapers themselves are also hypoallergenic—which is necessary for children who are prone to irritated skin or chemicals altogether. Seventh Generation is also the first type of diaper of its kind to become a FSC Certified Diaper in North America. The diapers are not imported and all are created and sold here in the United States.


  • Great leak protection.
  • Good option for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Hypoallergenic materials.


Weighing the pros and cons of the top 6 organic disposable diapers for your baby is a way to gain peace of mind and a better understanding of what each diaper has to offer in terms of care, ingredients, and the environment. The more you know about organic disposable diapers, the easier it becomes to choose the most suitable option for you, your baby, and your entire household.