Online reading lesson programs help people of all ages to improve their skills. One of the easiest ways to improve your reading skills is through convenient online programs. Online reading lesson programs can be customized to each reader’s level, and can be completed in the comfort of students’ livingrooms. Allowing readers to learn at their own pace, these online reading programs have free trial periods, free versions, and paid subscriptions at minimal cost. There are many different online reading programs, and it can be tough to know exactly which one is the best for you. Here are the best online reading lesson programs available.

Top Six Online Reading Lesson Programs

  • Sight Phonics
  • Red Apple Reading
  • TNT Reading Tutor
  • Studydog Reading
  • Barton Reading and Spelling System
  • Reading Kingdom

Sight Phonics

Thanks to social media and our mobile devices, we read more than ever before. However, it is more rare that we spend time doing in-depth reading. Sight Phonics helps teens and adults alike to practice comprehensive reading skills, focusing on depth. This program comes from a creator with 26 years of educational experience, and it can be done quickly and at one’s own pace. In addition to getting it for personal use, you can even get a classroom version if you are an educator.


  • Good for personal use and classroom use
  • Comes from good pedigree
  • Quick, convenient, and able to be done without a teacher or tutor

Red Apple Reading

With a lot of reading programs, one of the issues that they may face is that kids could simply be too bored to be engaged enough to care. While not all kids will be excited about online reading lessons, a program like Red Apple Reading works hard to do gain their interestt. An array of visually interesting presentations ensures that kids will have a tougher time losing their focus. The program uses a combination of sight words and phonics/word sounds to help kids reach the upper echelon of their reading abilities.


  • Visually enthralling
  • Keeps kids more interested
  • Sight words and phonics/word sounds help keep kids going in their education

TNT Reading Tutor

When a child is learning how to read, it is important that you are able to observe just how well they are figuring it out. TNT Reading Tutor starts your kid out slow, offering the basics like teaching them the alphabet. Slowly but surely however, the program evolves to teaching kids words and eventually teaching them sentences. On top of that, parents can read the reports on their child’s progress, making them able to understand just how much or little changes to their reading education is required.


  • Teaches the kids the basics, while growing more complicated over time
  • Comprehensive reports keep parents informed on their kid’s improvement
  • Allows kids to learn at their own pace

Studydog Reading

Kids who think in a more visual way may benefit from Studydog Reading over other comparable reading programs. The program uses a lot of colorful and engaging animation. This program is also beneficial for readers who take things slower than others; this however may prove to make it a less-than-ideal option for a kid who learns at a faster rate. But as far as making slow readers into fast ones, this is definitely a good start.


  • A good “gateway reading” program
  • Good for young readers
  • Visual thinkers will benefit from this visually emphatic program

Barton Reading and Spelling System

While kids and adults can enjoy a lot of the entries on this list while learning on their own, sometimes you want to be able to have more of a personalized touch for your reading education. Something like Barton Reading and Spelling System fills that niche, ensuring that people who need a proper tutoring can get what they need. It is used and appreciated by many people, ranging from private tutors, to parents, to kids, and to adults needing to brush up on their reading skills


  • Good for all ages
  • Appreciated by people from all walks of life
  • Offers a more personal touch

Reading Kingdom

If your kid needs some customized reading education, Reading Kingdom is a pretty solid choice. This program is, however, not for all kids - it is definitely a non-traditional reading program. This one will require that your child know how to use a keyboard (digital or physical), and the ability to deal with a lot of goals and challenges to balance. While it is most definitely more and bigger hurdles for a child, but if you think they can clear them, they will benefit that much more from having overcome those challenges.


  • Higher challenge, higher reward
  • A unique, non-traditional reading program
  • Higher level of customization options for your child