Thanks to ADA requirements, many businesses now feature wheelchair accessible entrances and exits. As the vertical wheelchair lifts gain popularity in the public, the concept of a wheelchair lift is growing in popularity in the residential arena as well. Moving throughout your house with a wheelchair can be difficult, but entering a house with stairs or a raised porch is impossible without the use of a vertical wheelchair lift. If you or a loved one use a wheelchair but wish to retain independence while entering or leaving your multi-level home, investing in a vertical wheelchair lift can give you the freedom you desire.

Top 5 Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

  • Savaria MultiLift Vertical Platform Lift
  • Ram TrustLift Porch
  • Bruno 3100B Residential Vertical Platform Lift
  • Garaventa Lift Genesis OPAL
  • E-Z Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift

Savaria MultiLift Vertical Platform Lift

The Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift is the work horse of vertical lifts. At 36"x60”, the Multilift Vertical Platform Lift boasts one of the most spacious non-skid platforms. This lift can accommodate up to 750 pounds and is so durable that you’ll never have to question its dependency even in inclement weather. The Multilift Vertical Platform Lift is available in an enclosed beige finish or an open stainless steel version. This lift, which is backed with a three-year warranty, keeps safety as a priority with obstruction sensors and an emergency stop button.


  • Spacious platform
  • Open and closed versions available
  • Three-year warranty

Ram TrustLift Porch

Ram’s TrustLift Porch makes the most out of narrow spaces without compromising its ability to ascend. The TrustLift Porch beats all competitors in the vertical test as it can ascend 14 feet. Because Ram lifts use electric motors instead of hydraulics, the TrustLift Porch takes considerably less space to install and is much quieter than other wheelchair lifts due to the electric motor. The TrustLift Porch, Ram’s bestselling unit, is configured during each installation to ensure that your lift is safely installed.


  • Electric motor -no hydraulics
  • Vertical assent of up to 14 feet
  • Smooth, quiet ride

Bruno 1300B Residential Vertical Platform Lift

Made in the United States, the Bruno 1300B Residential Vertical Platform Lift is all about safety. The lift features a standard non-skid platform, safety sensors, emergency stop, and automatic self-lowering ramp. The lift comes standard with a weather-resistant coating, but an additional “cold weather” package is available for units that will be subjected to extreme winter conditions. The optional canopy shelters gives added protection from the elements.


  • Weather-resistant coating
  • Available cold weather package
  • Available with canopy

Garaventa Lift Genesis OPAL

The Genesis OPAL by Garaventa Lift is an unenclosed lift suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. Genesis OPAL wheelchair lifts feature a unique gate interlocking system which secures the gate so it cannot be opened if the lift is in motion. While the Genesis OPAL maxes out a standard 63” vertical assent, the Genesis OPAL stands above the rest in terms of customization; the exterior of the Genesis OPAL can be customized with both color and material choices including wood veneers and laminates. An optional ADA-compliant phone allows the rider to request assistance or call a pre-determined phone number.


  • Color and material customization options
  • ADA-compliant phone
  • Gate interlocking system

E-Z Access Passport Vertical Platform Lift

The Passport Vertical Platform Lift by E-Z Access is one of the lightest vertical lifts available, weighing in at 300 pounds less (on average) than most lifts. The Passport Vertical Platform Lift features Plug-N-Play technology: prewired and weather proof wires means an easier installation, easier maintenance, and user-friendly. Use the wireless remote control and call the lift no matter where you are - in your house or even in your car. The optional Weather Guard ensures that your platform stays in top condition despite rough weather conditions.


  • Plug-N-Play technology
  • Lightweight
  • Optional Weather Guard


If you or a loved one experience limited mobility yet seek independence entering and departing your house, consider investing in one of these vertical wheelchair lifts.