Massage therapy is an ancient form of therapy that is still just as popular and beneficial today as it was all those years ago. However, it is not always feasible or financially possible to visit a spa daily or even weekly for regular massages. Investing in a massage chair for your home puts the convenience of a spa right at your fingertips. Enjoy all the benefits of a massage chair (reduction of pressure on nerves, relaxation of muscles, improved circulation) by choosing one of the top five massage chairs on the market: Kahuna LM-6800, Perfect Sense massage chair, Thermostretch massage chair, Renew Zero-Gravity massage chair, or the Infinity IYASHI Massage Chair. Keep reading to learn more about these top five massage chairs, so you can choose the one that’s right for your needs.

Top 5 Massage Chairs for your Home

  • Kahuna LM-6800
  • Perfect Sense Massage Chair
  • Thermostretch Massage Chair
  • Renew Zero-Gravity Massage Chair
  • Infinity IYASHI Massage Chair

Kahuna LM-6800

The Kahuna LM-6800 massage chair combines function with comfort and relaxation. While the massage chair features space-saving technology, no part of of the body is left unattended; even your arms will be massaged as you relax. The heat therapy and yoga stretching are just two of the many settings that set this chair apart from the rest. The Kahuna LM-6800 boasts two full-body zero gravity settings. This massage chair is also certified as a medical device by the FDA.


  • Includes heat therapy
  • Two full-body zero gravity settings
  • FDA cleared as a medical device

Perfect Sense Massage Chair

Sharper Image sets the bar high with the Perfect Sense massage chair. Let stress melt away as 61 airbags work in concert with 18 valves and eight magnets to work out even the toughest muscle knots. Choose from one of eight pre-set massage programs. The heated seat soothes sore muscles while you control music played on attached Bluetooth speakers. The Perfect Sense is easily customizable to your needs: the head rest, leg rest, speed and intensity of massage are all customizable options, making this chair your best bet for a tailor fit massage.


  • Bluetooth speakers
  • 61 airbags
  • Customizable head and leg rests

Thermostretch Massage Chair

Sharper Image’s Perfect Sense chair may be the luxury choice with its speakers and customizable massage programs, but Sharper Image’s Thermostretch massage chair is the winner for efficiency. The Thermostretch massage chair will have you relaxed, stretched (full body stretching), and massaged in just 15 minutes. The Thermostrestch chair has five options: rolling, kneading, percussion, compression and a combination of kneading and percussion. Get comfortable as the base swivels 30 degrees. Between the heat and patented motion of the massage rollers, you will be relieved of tense muscles. Even your legs will feel rejuvenated after a calf and foot massage. A bonus: this chair is not bulky; its sleek look will look perfect in any living room.


  • Full-body stretching
  • Heated lumbar
  • Five massage techniques

Renew Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Brookstone gives a whole new meaning to custom massage with its Renew Zero-Gravity massage chair. The Renew Zero-Gravity chair features a unique pressure point scanning technology that pinpoints where you need a massage the most: 42 air pockets work to massage your pressure points, relieving pressure where you feel it the most. Choose one of eight pre-programmed modes to find the right massage for your mood: Full Body, Stress Relief, Back Relief, Energize, Stretch, All Air, Soothe, and Sleep. Alternatively, if you’re in a rush, choose the Quick Mode. This heated massage chair is easily controlled by a LED-screened remote. The two-tone chair is as handsome as it is functional, and is also backed with a two year guarantee.


  • 8 unique massage modes
  • Pressure point scanning
  • Easily controlled with LED-screened remote

Infinity IYASHI Massage Chair

The Infinity IYASHI Massage Chair is the king of massage chairs. The Infinity chair features the standard massage techniques (kneading, tapping, shiatsu), but it also performs the newest massage technique available on massage chairs: synchronic, a technique in which the massage rollers knead, tap, or knock to the beat of your music via a Bluetooth connection. The Infinity chair also demonstrates its superiority by offering massage functions not offered on any other chairs, including: spinal correction, waist twist, and Accu-Roll shoulder massage. Because of it’s record breaking 49-inch stroke, the Infinity is able to massage 35% more of your body than other massage chairs.


  • Synchronic massage setting
  • Spinal correction
  • 49-inch stroke


No matter which massage chair you select, you will be sure to experience a deep relaxation while reducing stress, relieving pressure, and improving circulation.