Dental plans can be valuable to seniors who aren’t covered by insurance policies that provide comprehensive coverage. Medicare, the health insurance program established for older Americans, does not cover dental services such as routine teeth cleaning, x-rays, and other types of invasive procedures, although Traditional Medicare (Parts A and B) will provide for one set of dentures over a person’s lifetime. We’ve evaluated several dental care plans to bring you the most affordable options for seniors. These plans can be customized to cover various costs of dental procedures and preventative care. Read on to learn more about these highly rated options for seniors in search of dental care plans.

Top Affordable Dental Plans for Seniors

  • AARP Dental Insurance Plan;
  • Ameritas Dental Insurance Plan;
  • Delta Dental Insurance Plan;
  • Guardian Dental Insurance Plan; and,
  • MetLife Dental Insurance Plan.

AARP Dental Insurance Plan

AARP offers a standalone dental insurance plan to its members, age 50 and older. The coverage, which is underwriten by Delta Dental Insurance, provides coverage for individuals as well as dual coverage plans for couples requiring routine or more intense dental care. As a member of AARP, you qualify for participation in the plan of your choice under the plan’s guaranteed acceptance provision. There are no probationary or waiting periods required if you should be in need of emergency dental services, such as a root canal. The plan also provides for lower out-of-pocket costs and if you use a dentist within the plan’s preferred provider network (PPO), your costs are lower.


  • Underwritten by Delta Dental
  • Available to AARP members
  • Issued on a guaranteed issuance basis

Ameritas Dental Insurance Plan

Ameritas Insurance Company, based Lincoln, NE, has been in the business of offering affordable dental insurance plans to seniors. The company provides many levels of dental insurance protection at varying price points. These offerings are designed to meet your need for important dental insurance coverage as well as your budget. Plans for seniors include their Value Source, EssentialDental, and even a Dental Rewards offering that pays you for practicing good dental hygiene practices (those that reduce the number of visits to the dentist for more comprehensive services).


  • Different plan offerings based on budget
  • Designed for budget conscious seniors
  • EssentialDental plan rewards good preventative care practices

Delta Dental Insurance Plan

If you are not a member of AARP, you may still purchase the affordable dental insurance plan offered by Delta Dental directly. The same affordable features found in the coverage provided through the AARP Advantages Services are also available to you on a direct basis from this leading provider of insurance protection for dental care. At a cost of $0.75 per day or approximately $22.50 a month, you can choose to enroll in Delta Dental’s Individual or Family PPO Value plans for Seniors, available to those persons age 65 and older. These plans come with no deductibles, co-pays, or limits (maximums) on the amount of coverage it provides.


  • Costs around $22.50 per month
  • Available for Seniors who are not a member of AARP
  • Available as an Individual or Family PPO Value style plan

Guardian Dental Insurance Plan

The Guardian Dental Insurance Plan provides many affordable options that are custom-tailored to the needs of its seniors. As a person on a fixed income budget, Guardian offers affordable plans that are designed to dovetail with your dental insurance needs and meet your financial requirements. The company provides both PPO-style and DentalHMO (DHMO) Plans through a nationwide network of providers available to assist you with your dental care needs.


  • Plans provided through a nationwide network of providers
  • Choose PPO or DHMO-type plan
  • Affordable plans for Seniors from Guardian Insurance

MetLife Dental Insurance Plan

MetLife is a name synonymous with affordable dental insurance coverage available for the Senior market. The company offers MetLife Dental Plan for Retirees. This plan provides coverage for both in and out-of-network services that may be required. Preventative procedures are covered 100 percent under the plan while basic services are covered at 70 percent. Deductibles for the MetLife plan range from $75 annually for individual up to $225 for coverage provided for you and two others.


  • Plan is called MetLife Dental Plan for Retirees
  • Provides for both in and out-of-network services
  • Preventative services are covered at 100% while basic services are shared on a 70/30 basis


It is important to make a choice as to the type of affordable dental insurance plan that meets your needs and fits within your budget. Meeting with a qualified, licensed, insurance professional in your area can help you read through the product outlines for the plans mentioned above and assist you in making the right choice. Choosing an appropriate plan of coverage for your dental needs can be much simpler when done in consultation with a knowledgeable insurance professional whose experience can help you make an objective, unbiased selection of the coverage that is best for you.