There are lots of options when it comes to getting your taxes filed. You may also do it yourself, and often you can do so for free if it is a simple return. Computer programs have also changed the way taxes are done to a large extent. But many people still want the personal touch of having an actual tax preparer who can answer questions and be reached for further assistance. Some large retailers such as Walmart have entered the tax preparation business, and small tax preparation firms can be found in most towns and cities. H&R Block is the most famous of the nationwide tax preparation businesses, followed by Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service, which is a newer company on the rise. Read on to learn more about these three nationally known tax preparers.

Top 3 Tax Preparation Services:

  • H&R Block
  • Jackson Hewitt
  • Liberty Tax Service

H&R Block

This is the most famous of the tax preparation companies. In the business since 1955, H&R Block has millions of clients and scores of offices. You can also file taxes online using H&R Block’s website or software. Their tax returns are guaranteed, and they will cover any interest or penalties that they cause. They also offer great peace of mind with free in-person audit services. The people preparing your taxes are trained on the latest tax codes, tax credits and filing software. Customer support is one of their stronger points as well. Whether you do your taxes in person or online, H&R Block is a great place to get help.


  • In business since 1955
  • Strong on customer support
  • Online or in person service

Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt is the second largest tax preparation company behind H&R Block. The company files 2.2 million returns per year. It has seven thousand offices around the nation and is headquartered in New Jersey. The company also now has an online tax service as well, but they do have offices where you can have someone do your taxes for you. The personal assistance is a strong point and they offer good customer service. Another interesting option with this company is to use their software, and then take your completed return to their office just to make sure everything is in order. There is a 100 percent accuracy guarantee, and they have a refund available if there are serious problems. The only downside is that you must report errors within 30 days to get the benefits of the guarantee.


  • Easy access to real people
  • Use software and get personal help too
  • Accuracy guarantee

Liberty Tax Service

Like the others, with Liberty Tax Service you may file online or in person at one of many branch locations. They guarantee the largest refund, so if you take your return somewhere else, and they find you a bigger return, Liberty will refund what you have paid them. They also guarantee accuracy and offer in-person audit assistance. Their audit assistance sounds as good or better than anyone in the industry. Liberty also offers good customer service. If you do the online version you can still get in touch with a real person to talk to. Liberty does not offer free filing, which most companies like this do. That means you might want to look elsewhere if you are filing a simple return. Otherwise, Liberty is a great option.


  • Online or in person filing
  • No free option
  • Best refund guarantee


Many companies are going the online or software route in offering income tax services. The largest companies offer both online and in person options, and you can even do a combination of the two. The reputation of a company is important, so be sure to check that out locally with people who have used that local office. The more complicated your return, the more likely you are to need personalized help with your return.