Home equity loans are a great way to access your money while continuing to own your home. These loans are a great source of capital in the event that an unexpected expense arises or if you want to remodel or improve your home. When you utilize a home equity loan to improve your house, you are likely increasing the value of your home and in turn increasing the equity that you will realize when you sell the home. Another popular use of home equity loans is to pay for college education costs and tuition. Whatever the reason, we have found the top 3 sources of quick home equity loans, read on to learn more about how Lending Tree, Key Bank, and Citibank can help you.

Top 3 Sources of Quick Home Equity Loans

  • Lending Tree
  • Key Bank
  • Citibank

Lending Tree

This online service collects your info and then submits it to 5 loan providers. The company is highly rated due to the importance of shopping around when you are looking for financing. Lending Tree does all of the work for you and helps you compare options based on factors such as loan term and interest rate. The best part about this service is that it is free for you because the ultimate lender will pay Lending Tree’s fee. This is also a great avenue for people with less than perfect credit as Lending Tree’s 300+ network of financial partners work with customer’s of all types, even those with a less than stellar credit history.


  • Free comparison between 5 lenders that want to work with you
  • Straightforward proposal showing you the best possible interest rates and loan terms
  • Good source of capital for borrowers with less than perfect credit history

Key Bank

If you are looking to use an investment property or vacation home as collateral for your home equity loan, Key Bank is a good option. They offer a lot more flexibility than most financial institutions, although these features will come with higher fees. Key Bank is transparent with their fees and will state up-front the maximum amount of interest and other charges that you will pay over the life of the loan. Key Bank is a great option for anyone looking for greater flexibility with collateral choices and those wanting to take out the maximum amount of equity possible.


  • High LTV lets borrowers access the greatest amount possible of their equity
  • Investment properties and vacation homes may be used as collateral
  • Key Bank discloses up-front the maximum amount of fees and interest that you will pay


If you are most concerned about securing a competitive interest rate, Citibank is one to consider. Their online application is simple and straightforward, and their interest rates are consistently some of the best available. A responsive customer service team is another reason to consider Citibank for your home equity loan. Contacting a loan officer is simple without any automated menus or call centers. This option is best for people who have built up a fair bit of equity in their home as the lending standards require a healthy LTV ratio. This requirement varies by location and other factors but is something to keep in mind as you are choosing your lender.


  • Highly competitive interest rates
  • Top-rated customer service
  • Simple and straightforward online application


Home equity loans are a great way to finance repairs and improvements to your house or access capital for any large expense. These top 3 sources of quick home equity loans will help you get your money fast and as easily as possible.