Are you in search of premium dog food? Finding kibble for your four-legged friend is easy, but finding dog foods packed with nutritious ingredients can be more challenging. Several companies are producing natural dog foods that contain more protein and fewer additives and filler ingredients, but which of these are the best? Fortunately, we found the best premium dog foods after evaluating several of the top-rated dog food products. Our favorites are CANIDAE Grain Free PURE, Orijen natural products and Blue Buffalo. Read on to learn more about these premium dog food options.

Top 3 Premium Dog Foods:

  • CANIDAE Grain Free Pure
  • Orijen
  • Blue Buffalo

CANIDAE Grain Free Pure

First on our list is CANIDAE Grain Free Pure, a premium food that is natural for all dog breeds and sizes. Made by the CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company, this product is made with no more than 10 ingredients, making it one of the best healthy dog foods available. Highlighted ingredients include chickpeas, peas and potatoes along with fresh chicken, lamb, beef, fish or even bison. You can feed your canine CANIDAE Grain Free Pure while resting easy that its diet will be free of corn, soy and other common dog food additives. This premium dog food is also free of hormones and antibiotics. With multiple flavors available, both you and your dog can be happy with CANIDAE Grain Free Pure.


  • Good for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  • Widely available.
  • Contains no more than 10 ingredients.


Next on our list is Orijen, which is a more household name among premium dog brands. Orijen produces a line of natural dog foods that contain up to 80 percent protein to help your canine build and maintain healthy muscles, ligaments and other tissues. Orijen dog foods also incorporate probiotics to aid digestion and help to prevent stomach problems. Ingredients include free-rage turkey and chicken, and ingredients are grown in the United States for an optimized carbon footprint. Orijen premium dog foods can be expensive, but they’re also available online and at specialty pet shops nationwide. This is another great place to start if you’re looking to try a premium dog food brand.


  • Made with free-range meats.
  • Ingredients grown in the USA.
  • High-protein formulas.

Blue Buffalo

Last on our list is Blue Buffalo. Like the other top-rated dog foods on our list, Blue Buffalo products are all-natural with a wide range of flavors. Proteins found in Blue Buffalo dog foods include lamb, chicken and beef, and carbohydrates include vegetables, whole grains and fruit without typical fillers. Pet owners can find Blue Buffalo products specifically made for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs. Does your dog have any food sensitivities? If so, try the Blue Buffalo Basics formula with is specifically made to address that issue. With dry and wet food options, you’re certain to find a product that will fulfill your canine’s needs.


  • Products for dogs of different ages.
  • Product for dogs with food sensitivities.
  • Dry and wet food options.


Choosing the right dog food can help your dog live longer and healthier. In addition, canines love the tastes of premium dog food products. With no fillers, more protein and all-natural ingredients, it’s no wonder why more pet owners are seeking out these top-rated premium dog food brands.