In need of merchant services for your business? Merchant services are incredibly vital for small businesses, allowing businesses to accept transaction payments through a secured channel via a debit card, credit card or other similar payment. With the best merchant services you’ll be able to expand your business, accepting more methods of payment, especially these days when fewer people carry cash with them. Merchant services can be easily found online, and getting started is incredibly easy. To set up merchant services yourself, you’ll need a merchant account and a merchant service provider. After that, you’ll be providing your own transaction processing solutions in no time. The top three merchant services companies include Flagship, Leaders and CreditCardProcessing. If you are interested in merchant services for your business, read on to learn more about these top 3 merchant services companies.

Top 3 Merchant Services Companies

  • Flagship
  • Leaders
  • CreditCardProcessing


Flagship is easily one of the best merchant service companies out there. It’s low cost, offers a number of complimentary services and is easy to set-up.  Flagship Merchant Service will start you off by giving you a free quote. No contracts are required and no cancellation fees are necessary.  Rates start as low as .38% which is incredibly low. Choosing flagship services will get you started with your own merchant account for free. You’ll also receive a EMV/NFC terminal for free. By calling, you can get a free mobile reader as well, which connects to your smartphone or other mobile device. On top of this, includes free Gateway set-up, and American Express set-up. Call now to get your free quote.


  • Free quote
  • Free EMV/NFC terminal
  • Free mobile reader when you call


Leaders is a low cost and low hassle merchant services company. Leaders merchant Services has a 98% approval rating, so it’s easy to acquire their services, with most accounts being approved the exact same day. Account setup can be customized to your needs and customer support is available around the clock, all 365 days of the year. With their services, you’ll be able to accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover, as well as ApplePay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Included with their services is a free EMV credit card terminal, free Payment Gateway and a free mobile card reader. With $500 assurance, you can be sure you’ll save at least $500 on processing or they’ll give you that money.


  • Around the clock support
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • $500 savings assurance


CreditCardProcessing offers competitive rates and month to month contract to save you money. Get a free quote in just minutes and start getting rates as low as .39%. Free services include a free mobile credit card swiper, free set-up and quicker transactions. CreditCardProcessing works on both iOS and Android mobile devices. With month to month contracts there’s no commitment involved and no fee for cancelling. If CreditCardProcessing can’t save you money, they’ll throw in a $50 gift card as a way to say sorry. Having processed most major credit cards, you get the best merchant services you were hoping for.


  • Rates as low as .39%
  • Month to month contracts
  • Free credit card swiper


As the perfect way to expand your business operations, merchant services can help you accept multiple forms of payment. Find merchant services that will allow your business to accept all major credit cards while providing you with a free card reader with low ongoing costs. Check out the top three merchant services companies online.