Construction sites have unique security needs. Job site security equipment may need to be durable, portable, provide night-vision when thefts are most likely to occur, allow remote access, or require wireless functionality. Often job sites lack wifi or power, so the best equipment comes with its own power supply and can function without wifi access. Anti-theft devices included with the security package thieves won’t get away with the copper wire and the evidence. The top three job site security companies are Tattletale, Work Zone Cam, and Reolink. Read on to learn more!

Top Three Job Site Security Companies

  • Tattletale
  • WorkZone Cam
  • Reolink


Tattletale is a powerful, portable, and fully customizable system engineered to secure any site. Tattletale has survived 3 tornadoes, shotgun blasts, sledgehammer attacks, and power outages without failing. Borderguard creates an invisible fence up to 80’ per unit. The Rattler devices can be attached to any sensitive equipment and will send an alert at the slightest movement. HALO technology can surround a job site perimeter up to 1 mile and support up to 500 wireless sensors to make sure authorities can locate precisely where the theft occurred. Have sensitive equipment and materials on site? A temperature sensor and water sensor can alert to potential problems before they become catastrophic. Add the cable lock to any device to alert to any interference. With a 20-hour battery backup, even a lack of power won’t deter it from chasing away thieves. Monitoring can be had for as little as $20 per month.


  • Durable, portable, and customizable
  • Long lasting battery backup
  • SCADA communication capable

WorkZone Cam

The Work Zone Cam delivers exactly what its name advertises: a security camera that can endure any condition to ensure that you maintain control of a work site. The enclosure can take a beating without the internals taking damage, and the onboard heater and fan keep it at an optimal temperature whatever the conditions are at the job. The footage is pristine thanks to an 18 Megapixel camera, and you can view it from anywhere through a computer or a smartphone. If getting power to where you want the camera is an issue, get the solar power system to avoid extensive wiring. Each unit comes with 16 GB or 365 days of onboard storage, giving you more time between performing data management on the footage. When you do, you have the choice between easy FTP transfers to your server or signing up for the footage hosting service through the company.


  • Durable exterior with internal temperature control
  • Live video from the app or website
  • Available solar power system allows for versatile placement


The Reolink Go is a powerful solution for job sites in remote locations without access to power or wifi. These independent cameras have powerful features that can be utilized from anywhere and connect wirelessly to the 4G-LTE or 3G cellular networks. The devices work on a rechargeable battery that can be refreshed with the included micro USB plug or available solar panels that are fully adjustable to make the most out of available sunlight. Every device is easily portable from one location to the next and can be affixed to any available surface. The cameras and solar panels are designed to withstand weather so no need for extra infrastructure to keep them safe. The cameras record in 1080p full HD with night vision which captures a broad 130 (degree) field of vision. Highly sensitive motion sensors trigger and send push notifications to a connected phone, email snapshots from the moment of trigger, blast a siren, and can even play a customized voice-recorded message. With the available iOS or Android app, users can see, hear, and speak through the cameras, allowing remote access to the job site 24/7. Save recorded footage via Micro SD (up to 64 GB) or securely in the Reolink Cloud server.


  • 100% wireless and easily portable
  • 24/7 audio and visual access to any job site
  • High quality video capture day or night


Every job site comes with unique challenges. No matter what the security risks and barriers are, any of these three security companies offer a comprehensive equipment package that can handle it. Construction site thefts are on the rise, a job site security package secures valuable materials, saves time and money, and protects reputations.