Business owners that want to keep their buildings and work places safe without the added expense of hiring a security guard or monitoring service can meet those needs with these security cameras. Today’s technology offers camera systems that can be self-installed and monitored over the web or on memory cards. Many also offer remote monitoring and are smartphone compatible to enable you to always know what is going on at your business even when you are not there. They are available from most electronic retailers and are worth the cost, especially with the peace of mind that you will gain from these top three security camera systems. Read on to learn more about the features that Swann, Lorex, and ALC offer.

Top 3 Business Security Camera Systems

  • Swann
  • Lorex
  • ALC

Choosing the right camera system for your business is key for its security. Learn more about the best security camera systems.


For the latest in security camera technology, you will want to learn more about the top commercial wireless security systems. One of the best is made by ALC. This system contains 2 cameras across 4 channels and utilizes DVR security camera system technology. The security camera system from ALC can be used both indoors and outdoors and features Digital Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology. The cameras come with a 7” touchscreen monitor that allows the user to navigate the monitored area and change in real-time as necessary. The 4GB SD card provides on-board recording and remote monitoring is possible through a software download. The night vision capabilities reach up to 50 feet through 6 IR LEDs. The ALC is highly rated and retails at major big box stores for around $329.99.


  • Observer software, available via download, offers remote monitoring
  • 4GB of storage available on the included SD card
  • Cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors


Whichever system you choose, you’ll want security cameras with integrated remote monitoring capabilities. This 4 camera, 4 channel indoor/outdoor security camera system is able to record video images and offers remote capabilities. The DVR surveillance systems retail for about $279.99 which includes free shipping from online outlets such as Best Buy. The system is fully compatible with both Android and Apple devices where you can download the remote monitoring app. The cameras operate on wired ethernet technology and include such features as infra-red night vision technology with a range up to 100 feet. The remote capability allows you to position the cameras exactly where you desire in order to keep tabs on your business.


  • Remote monitoring app is fully compatible with both Mac and Android
  • System retails for an affordable $279.99
  • Offers DVR video recording


This wired security camera system contains 4 indoor/outdoor cameras that operate across 8 channels. The cameras offer a 101-degree range of vision and night vision that is in color and reaches up to 130 feet. Resolution is a sharp and clear 2688 x 1520 with room for up to 2TB of video storage on the hard drive. In addition to the app that it is available to Apple and Android devices, users can sign up for email alerts when certain events are triggered, such as movement during non-business hours. Each camera comes with a 100-foot cable and the entire system is easy to install and set-up. This is one of the top security camera systems for small businesses.


  • Color night vision cameras record up to 130 feet away.
  • Email alerts are available when certain motions trigger the cameras
  • Camera resolution is a sharp 2688 x 1520


Business security camera systems provide the safety and peace of mind that you want at a fraction of the cost of a security guard or live-monitoring service. These top business security camera systems will keep your commercial premises safe and secure.