One of the dangers of aging is slipping and falling, which makes showering and bathing a risk that seniors might not want to take. Walk in tubs are a comfortable, luxurious, and safe way to have access to bathtubs. While each walk in tub is designed for safety and comfort, each one has specialty features that include water therapy, soaking, and wheelchair access. While there is a huge selection out there to choose from, the best walk in tubs have features that truly set them apart. The top three walk in tubs include the Ella Ultimate 93217, the Safe Step, and the AmeriGlide Sanctuary. Read on to find out what you need to know about these three walk in tubs.

The Top Three Walk In Tubs

  • Ella Ultimate 93217
  • Safe Step
  • AmeriGlide Sanctuary

Ella Ultimate 93217

The Ella Ultimate 93217 is considered the best overall walk in tubs available, offering consumers luxurious spa and specialty features. This walk-in tub and shower combo is similar in size to traditional bathtubs, fitting easily into a standard bathtub alcove. The tub itself is much deeper, able to hold up to 95 gallons of water. This tub also fills quickly at 18 gallons per minute, and the dual drain system ensures that the water will empty quickly and efficiently. The glossy finish is easy to clean. The threshold can be adjusted for safety, from 8.5 to 5.5 inches in height, and two grab bars help bathers get in and out safely. The magic of this walk in tub is the jets; the water and air jets together total 26, massaging the back, legs, and feet while bathers sit on a wide and contoured seat. This amazing walk in tub retails for around $4,100.


  • Up to 26 massaging jets
  • Many safety features
  • Retails around $4,000

Safe Step

The Safe Step walk in tub is aptly named, as it was designed to be among the safest walk-in tubs available. This walk in tub features a step up of only four inches, a 17-inch high seat, safety bars, anti-slip grips on the floor and seat, and easy-to-reach controls. This tub also comes with 10 massaging water jets, and controls are close by that help users reposition the jets and adjust the pressure without having to move and risk slipping. Technology is also included that shuts off the seat warmer, jets, and water in order to avoid burns. Safe Step walk in tubs are customized by size, water and air jets, and installation. The cost of the tub is discounted for veterans and whatever balance is not covered by Medicare. There is also financing available. Every Safe Step tub is covered by a lifetime warranty.


  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Costs depend on customizations
  • Lifetime warranty provided

AmeriGlide Sanctuary

The AmeriGlide Sanctuary is one of the best walk in tubs equipped with wheelchair access. The wide door swings open easily, making sliding over a breeze. The seat is a convenient 22-inches high, and is directly accessible when the door is open. Safety features include a textured floor and extra grab bars. This tub quickly fills with up to 65 gallons of water and consumers can add air and water jets as desired. This tub retails for less than $4,000, and is covered by a 10-year warranty.


  • Designed for wheelchair access
  • Holds up to 65 gallons
  • Retails for around $4,000


Walk in tubs provide safety and comfort for those who really can benefit. These top-rated walk-in bathtubs are some of the best available.