Searching for cloud computing solutions for big data? If you own a business, you know how difficult big data can be to manage, and even more difficult to store. As your business grows, your big data storage problem will only get worse. However, with cloud computing solutions, you can store, manage and interconnect data in a more effective way. By storing your data safely and securely in a cloud, your business’s information will be protected. Access your data from anywhere and bring your business together in a way that will make it flourish. If you are in need of cloud computing solutions for big data, read on to learn about these top three choices mentioned below, where you can start storing your big data now.

Top Three Cloud Computing Services for Big Data

  • IBM Cloud
  • Qubole
  • Amazon

Best for Small Businesses

IBM Cloud offers innovation and interconnectivity on a whole new level, making it one of the best cloud server solutions for small businesses. Their cloud computing solutions are well-equipped to handle your big data. IBM’s solutions will keep your data secure in over 50 global data centers, while connecting data inside and outside of your firewall. With cloud-native applications, cognitive solutions and data analytics, your company will continue to break barriers and thrive in an industry where data is king.

While your existing solutions will be placed on a private cloud, your new cloud will give you a greater sense of control like never before. Also featured is auto-scaling that will shrink your cloud based on your needs. Signing up is easy and it’s never too late to start. With services like these, it’s no wonder why IBM is regarded as one of the best cloud computing platforms.


  • Offers private and public cloud
  • Secure data in over 50 data storage centers
  • Innovation and interconnectivity are key

Proven Big Data Provider

Qubole is one of the most essential big data providers in the world. For over a decade, they have provided reliable computing solutions and cloud storage to numerous businesses. In a private or public cloud. Qubole provides businesses with a self-manageable and self-optimized data platform. It is suitable for anyone that works with data including data engineers, data ops, data scientists and analysts. You can also access data from anywhere including a web interface, notebook or third-party tool. With Qubole, you can make your company more productive and optimized. It’s also a cost-effective solution as you pay only for what you use.


  • Private and Public clouds
  • Easy to use
  • cost-effective: pay for what you use

Diverse Data & Hosting Solutions

Some may not be aware, but Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers also offers a number of web services including big data computing solutions. Amazon Web Services offers the most complete platform for big data than any other company. Offering over 50 services and more features added each year, AWS will let you collect, store, process and analyze big data. Like Qubole, you only pay for what you use. Searching for and analyzing data is exceptionally simple. Numerous analytics, and storage databases make everything easily manageable. Business intelligence and artificial intelligence can assist you with organization and visualization. Additionally, data warehousing and fast and secure data movement are just a couple of the things that help put Amazon Web Services on top.


  • Offers over 50 services and hundreds of features
  • Assists with organizing and visualizing data.
  • Fast and secure data movement


If you are having big data problems, it’s about time you acquired cloud computing solutions that can help you handle it. Whether for collecting, storing or analyzing data the top three solutions can help you manage big data and build a better company.