SoFi student loans are a great way for every hopefully college student to make it through school and get out of student debt fast. By refinancing student loans with SoFi students can save a ton of money on monthly payments and will also have the resources you need to make it through life after graduation. With a number of satisfied SoFi members, SoFi student loan refinancing is one of the most satisfying opportunities for any student and graduate of any age. It is also one of the few lenders capable of private and federal loans. If you are suffering through student debt, now may be the time to switch to SoFi by refinancing your student loans. Read on to learn more about SoFi and see just what they have to offer.


Every borrower of SoFi is considered a member of a community. And with over 200,000 active members and counting, it is one exceptionally large community. So far SoFi has provided its members with over $14 billion in funds. But SoFi doesn’t just call themselves a community, they work hard to make members feel like they actually belong to one. SoFi holds panel sessions, happy hours, and other events where members can communicate with one another. SoFi also works tirelessly to provide excellent customer service. Their customer service lines are available 7 days a week and can also be contacted by email and social media. Finally, those suffering from student debt can finally find a place where they don’t have to feel alone.


  • Over 200,000 members
  • $14 billion dollars in funds given
  • Customer service available 7 days a week


Rates for refinancing vary depending on the individual borrower and their qualifications. Variable rate student loan refinancing starts at 2.185% APR and goes up to 6.110% APR, which is exceptionally good no matter which you end up with. However, with variable interest rates, the amount you must pay can change with time. Fixed rates start from 3.375% to 6.740%. Loans here can be paid with autopay so that you never miss a payment. Best of all, members can save a ton of money by not paying application or origination fees. On average members have saved around $17,208 with SoFi student loan refinancing.


  • Variable rates as low as 2.185%
  • Fixed rates as low as 3.375%
  • Use autopay to never miss payments

Special Services

In the event graduates cannot make payments because of unemployment, SoFi will pause student loan repayment requirements. And in the meantime, SoFi will do everything they can to help you find a job, so that you can continue to make payments. SoFi also offers career support, giving you the advice and help you need to advance your career, negotiate your salary and build a business. Wealth advisors are also available to help borrowers mange and understand finances a little better. With SoFi student loan refinancing, those looking to refinance can rest easy knowing that SoFi has their back unlike most banks that look to profit off your financial situation.


  • Unemployment protection
  • Career support offered
  • Wealth advisors are an available


Getting refinancing on your student loans is an incredibly easy and quick process. Those interested in refinancing need only fill out an online pre-approval application. Once the form has been completed, you’ll know whether you qualify for refinancing. From there, you can choose a loan plan that details terms, rates and monthly payments. After that, you can upload any necessary documents and sign them electronically. Unlike refinancing with a bank, you never have to leave the house.


  • Get pre-approved online
  • Select a plan
  • Sign documents electronically


Student loan debt can be one of the most difficult expenses for any graduate. But with SoFi student loan refinancing, you can eliminate the stress that comes with that debt. SoFi student loan will help you cut down on monthly payments and interest in a way no other lender can.