Satelite television continues to grow in popularity as it becomes more available to a greater number of people throughout the country. The main reasons cited for a consumer’s preference for satellite over cable is the high picture quality and the option to watch hundreds of channels broadcasting from all over the world. There are also capabilities to access WebTV that can be seamlessly broadcast on your TV through the satellite program. Satellite TV also offers a comprehensive set of parental controls that are not available from cable providers. All of this in addition to the ability for video recording are some of the most popular reasons that people are choosing satellite TV over cable. The top satellite TV providers are Dish Network, DirectTV, and Comcast Digital Starter. If you are considering switching from cable TV to a satellite TV provider keep reading to learn what features these top 3 providers offer and which service is best for you.

Top 3 Satellite TV Providers

  • Dish Network
  • DirectTV
  • Comcast Digital Starter

Dish Network

Dish Network is currently the most popular satellite TV provider and its offerings give a clue as to why this is the case. The company also gets top ranking for reliability and customer service in addition to their high marks for their comprehensive channel offerings and sports packages.


  • 500 hours of digital recording storage blows the competition away
  • Full device integration allows viewing anywhere, anytime of all DVR and yoru live programs
  • Ability to record up to 16 different shows at the same time


DirectTV is often considered the less expensive and less comprehensive alternative to Dish Network with its lower price point more attractive to those who want satellite TV but do not desire all of the additional features offered by Dish Network. Direct TV is well-ranked for customer service and reliability and is more affordable than Dish Network. DirectTV also offers device integration and the ability to watch DVR and live programming from anywhere.


  • Full wireless and Bluetooth integration
  • 200 hours of HD storage capability
  • Consistent high ranking for quality customer service

Comcast Digital Starter

Cable TV provider behemoth Comcast is getting in on the satellite TV game with its Digital Starter package that is currently rolling out to select regions of the country. The Digital Starter plan is a good option for those that are interested in trying satellite TV but do not have the need for hundreds of global channels. Comcast offers 150 channels and a full ESPN package. The contract period is one year at introduction and there is a price increase at the end of the first year.


  • Shorter contract period of one year
  • Comprehensive ESPN sports package is included at no extra cost
  • Top picture quality


As satellite TV grows in popularity it is available to more people and the price is trending downward. The high picture quality is unrivaled and sports fans are always happy to be able to watch their favorite teams even if the network stations are not carrying the game. The two main competitors are DirectTV and Dish Network with both receiving high-quality marks for reliability and customer service. In the end, it may come down to which features you desire most, and what cost you are willing to pay.