In today’s society it is imperative to learn and understand the importance of long-term care insurance. Most people will never need to worry about needing long-term care, which is why these policies often go neglected. Common reasons for not having care insurance includes saving money, unable to afford the monthly bills, or simply no desire to have it. While those reasons are valid, it is still good to know the options that are available in the case that care insurance is necessary. Here, we’ll discuss three of the best long-term care insurance plans on the market. This list will comprise of long-term care insurance plans that can cover all age groups and specific health necessities.

Top 3 Long-Term Care Policies:

  • MetLife Long-Term Care
  • State Farm Long-Term Care
  • Genworth Long-Term Care

MetLife Long-Term Care

MetLife was established in 2003 and has helped many individuals acquire dependable long-term care insurance to their specific needs. Since their inception, many clients have stated great reviews about their positive experiences with MetLife. Affordability is a key factor as to why many individuals have chosen MetLife over other options. Their team strives to ensure every client receives comprehensive and appropriate long-term care insurance plans that they will actually utilize. It is understandable that everyone may not be aware of the intricate details within long-term care insurance plans. The professionals and representatives of MetLife are very caring in making the process as easy as possible. Long-term care insurance plans can be complicated on paper, so it is important that you find a company that you feel 100% comfortable with.


  • Affordable rates on plans
  • MetLife also offers a plethora of advice and tips.
  • On its website, MetLife provides helpful articles on general health topics, consumer questions/concerns, and grandparents investing in their grandchildren.

State Farm Long Term Care

State Farm is typically known for their car insurance options, however, that is not the only type of insurance that they offer. For those that are interested in keeping their insurance plans (i.e. car, home, and health) all under one company, it is highly beneficial to choose State Farm. The representatives of State Farm are extremely helpful with discussing the best route to take for each of their clients. Unlike some long-term care insurance plans on the market, State Farm provides their plans to each state in the United States. Some of the common areas that are covered within the State Farm long-term care insurance plans include (but are not limited to) respite care, home health care, bed reservation expenses, and caregiver training.


  • To be eligible for a long-term care insurance plan under State Farm, you must be considered Chronically Ill by a licensed health care professional.
  • All of the essentials that an individual will need is covered within the insurance plans that are offered.
  • State Farm’s plans for each state can be reviewed on its website.

Genworth Long Term Care

Genworth has an extensive history in the realm of insurance plans as they began in 1871 under the name “The Life Insurance Company of Virginia.” Since their humble beginning, Genworth has expanded to each state in the country. Their team of experts know exactly how to help individuals on a case by case basis to ensure they are receiving the best plan suitable for them. Genworth believes in making sure that their clients are well taken care of across the entire spectrum of their life. If you as an individual (or as a family) have a mortgage and are looking into keeping everything under one umbrella, Genworth also provides mortgage insurance as well.


  • Also provides mortgage insurance.
  • Depending upon your situation, you may be able to receive a lower cost by having a package deal.
  • The website shows important information, tips, and advice regarding long-term care details.


As a client (per se) the team at Genworth strives to make sure that everyone is treated like family. Taking the approach of being personable and an insurance company simultaneously is why many clients (past and current) are happy to have chosen Genworth as their long-term care insurance provider.