If you have a big painting job coming up, don’t try tackling it yourself. Do-it-yourself paint jobs often turn out unsatisfying, delivering underwhelming results filled with defects. But moreover, you could end up spending hours upon hours touching it up, and repainting because of mistakes. By hiring the paid professionals to handle your major painting projects, you can get painting done quickly and professionally. While some painting services charge top-dollar for merely satisfactory work, you can find numerous professional painters that will get the job well done for a lot less. By searching for the right painting services, you get your project finished for the right price in a timely manner. There’s no job too small or too big. If you are in need of painting services, read on to find out more.

Painting Services

  • Types of Services
  • Local Painting Services
  • Five Star Painting

Types of Services

You can find painting services for a wide variety of painting projects. Whether looking for interior or exterior work, you can find a painting contractor most suited for your job. Some contractors will specialize in preparation or removal, while others can provide specialized painting. Some projects may be smaller with painters specializing in the painting or staining of home furnishings. Other painting services may include siding, trims or stucco. For your home, you may need more than one of these services, so be sure to choose a contractor that offers all of the services you are looking for.


  • Exterior or Interior painting
  • Painting removal and preparation
  • Some will remove and put up wallpaper

Local Painting Services

Local painting services can be easily found online. One way to find painting services is to use Google or Yelp where you can search through dozens of options. The problem though is that if you do only this, you won’t necessarily know which particular services are offered unless you call each one individually. However, there is a search tool called Home Advisor which can help you narrow down your choices. You search not only by your location, but by the specific type of painting and materials you are looking for. From there you’ll have a few different options for your specific project, thereby limiting the number of calls you need to make in order to compare quotes and learn more about their services. You can check companies in question on Google or Yelp to find reviews. Another way to find local contractors is to ask neighbors in your area that have recently hired painters for their home.


  • Yelp or Google for reviews
  • Home Advisor to find local painters
  • Ask a neighbor

Five Star Painting

Five Star Painting is a franchise painting company with location across the United States from New York to California. They provide every type of painting service imaginable including wallpaper removal, fences, and eco-friendly painting. Five Star Painting provides services for both commercial and residential locations. The company is a budget-friendly option and will do everything in their power to do the work within your budget. They provide free price estimates so there are no surprises. Then they’ll set up a time that’s right for you and get the job done as quickly as possible. Best of all, they always leave a clean work area. All painting contracts come with a two-year warranty, so they’ll make any necessary fixes where there is peeling or blistering. 


  • Nationwide locations
  • Commercial and residential areas
  • Two-year warranty


Don’t let just anyone paint your home. Hire a professional that will do it for the right price. Professional painting contractors can handle any painting project, big or small, quickly and efficiently. Use Home Advisor to find local painting contractors in your area.