Unhappy with the cleaning products you’ve been using? There are better options! Whether you are tired of using strong smelling chemicals or just looking for cleaning products that will restore your home to its original shine, the best cleaning products on the market from companies like Method and Mr. Clean can help.  Some of our favorite products on the market are both affordable and effective at getting out even the toughest stains while leaving behind no unpleasant odors. Make your home beautiful and clean again with the best cleaning products available. If you are looking for new cleaning products to use in your home, check out these great options!

Best Cleaning Products

  • Mr. Clean MagicEraser
  • Bissell Professional Pet Stain and Odor Remover
  • Weiman Wood Furniture Cleaner and Polisher
  • Method All-Purpose

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean MagicEraser really does seem to work like magic. If you’ve ever had a tough stain or caked-on dirt that you just can’t seem to get out of your shower or off your countertops, the MagicEraser can likely handle the job. Functioning much like a sponge, all you need is to apply water then use the MagicEraser. It can lift and remove the toughest spots in just seconds, even from walls, which is great if you have an unscrupulous toddler that likes to graffiti your walls. Best of all, the MagicEraser features no harsh chemicals, leaving virtually no scent behind and no residue that will harm your family or pets. Extra Durable, Bath Scrubber and Kitchen Scrubber versions of the MagicEraser are available as well.


  • Just add water
  • Erases tough marks and spots in just seconds
  • Suitable for bathrooms, walls, kitchens, and almost anywhere else

Bissell Professional Pet Stain and Odor Remover

If you have pets, they probably have accidents from time to time, making keeping the carpet clean exceedingly difficult. The Bissell Professional stain remover will remove all pet stains with almost no problem. Just apply it as soon as you see the mess and watch Bissell do its magic. The cleaner even contains enzymes that kill bacteria and eliminate odor so that your pet never comes back to the spot to leave you any more unsavory presents. It should also be noted that this carpet cleaner works on more than just pet stains, getting rid of virtually any type of stain you can think of.


  • Works on carpet and upholstery
  • Eliminates foul odors and bacteria
  • Works on a variety of stains

Weiman Wood Furniture Cleaner and Polish

Weiman Wood Furniture Cleaner and Polish is the best solution for restoring your wood furniture to its original shine. Its cleaning and polishing formula removes tough stains and marks on your furniture, no matter the source. Stains buff away easily using a microfiber cloth, leaving behind no scratches or residue. Because taking care of your wood furniture is important, Weiman makes it easy. This cleaner and polisher can also protect your wood from fading, drying cracking and other damage due to exposure to UV rays. Best of all, it works on every type of wood. Check it out!


  • Works on all wood types
  • Makes cleaning and polishing wood easy
  • Protects wood from UV rays

Method All-Purpose

Looking for one cleaner that can do it all? Method is a perfect choice. Free of toxic chemicals and harsh odors, Method offers biodegradable, fresh smelling chemical formulas that won’t harm you or your loved ones. The All-Purpose formula is tough on dirt on any surface, including wood, glass, stone, and tile. Just spray a decent amount on the surface and wipe it up until it comes clean. The All-Purpose formula is designed to leave a fresh smelling scent on your surface that lasts. Available in over seven different scents, this is the All-Purpose cleaner you’ve been looking for.


  • Available in multiple scents
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • No toxic chemicals


Finding the right cleaning products is no easy task, especially with all the options out there. But with these best cleaning products that you can find online or at a store near you, y7our job will be a heck of a lot easier.