Cable TV packages these days can cost a fortune. Many folks have started to swear by streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, but many still prefer the joy of scanning through live TV channels. That’s where DirecTV Now comes in: it’s a live TV streaming service provided by AT&T, offering over 120 channels at very affordable prices. This is AT&T’s first mobile-first entertainment service. If you’re interested in a cable TV streaming platform and ready to kick your pricey cable plan goodbye, make sure you know all the facts first before dropping your subscription. Read on to learn more about DirecTV Now and what it can do for you.


At launch, AT&T offered a limited-time introductory package of 100 channels for the grandfathered base price of $35. Most channels are available, but some content providers are still being negotiated with and thus are presently missing in the lineup. Local channels such as NBC, ABC, and Fox can all be watched; however, streaming NBC local is currently limited to computers, tablets, and phones.


  • Most common and premium channels available
  • No Showtime or CBS yet
  • No NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL RedZone channel

Streaming Capabilities

DirecTV Now allows real-time TV streaming of up to 2 streams simultaneously, but doesn’t yet have DVR integration - just playback of up to 3 hours. While DirecTV Now will be able to be used with many connected-TV devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast, the service is not currently available on Samsung Smart TVs and Roku devices. However, AT&T is already planning to add those devices, as well as many new additions, in 2017.


  • No DVR integration yet
  • Can watch 2 streams concurrently
  • Available on most connected-TV devices


DirecTV Now offers an extremely economical option for those wanting all the perks of cable TV without the hefty price tag. For comparison, other cable companies offer introductory rates of approximately $70 for more than 120 channels, versus DirecTV Now’s limited-time promotional offer of $35 for 100+ channels. In the future, prices will start at $35 for 60 channels, $50 for 80 channels, and 120+ channels for $70/month. This service has significantly more base channels, networks, and offerings than streaming competitors such as Sling TV and Sony’s Playstation Vue.


  • Prices range from $35-70/month
  • Base package is 60 channels
  • Premium channels available


DirecTV and AT&T joined forces to release a new product that made its debut on November 30, 2016. The new product is an internet TV package known as DirecTV Now. With this collaboration, all current AT&T customers will be able to stream DirecTV on their phones without being charged for data. Improved functionality, new features, and additional channels are already underway for release in 2017.


  • First joint product for AT&T and DirecTV
  • No data charges for AT&T users
  • Improvements are coming in 2017


As a result of AT&T and DirecTV joining forces, DirecTV Now offers an exciting new streaming platform for cable watchers, at an affordable price with sufficient offerings. It seems that there are still a few kinks to work out, but overall, this product is poised to be a true blue competitor in the streaming media industry.