Few may realize just how important it is to take care of your mouth. It’s not just a matter of getting cavities or losing your teeth. Dental problems can even be linked to more serious problems such as heart problems and aneurisms. So even if you don’t value a healthy smile, dental health is vital to your overall wellbeing. While financial problems can often lead to many people avoiding the dentist, individuals on Medicaid may not realize that dental care is actually covered. In fact, there are actually a number of dental providers dedicated to helping families retain a healthy smile. If you and your family are on Medicaid and are in need of a dental provider, read on to learn about the top three dentist options for families on Medicaid.

Western Dental

Located in California, Arizona and Nevada, Western Dental and Orthodontics offers affordable dentistry services. New patients at Western Dental can get free initial exams and x-rays. They have been accepting Medicaid for over 50 years, providing uncompromised care for low-income families. Western Dental strives to provide comprehensive hygiene care and has a variety of in-house specialists to help patients. You can easily make an appointment online or call by telephone. Western Dental has over 200 locations so finding a location near you should be fairly easy, provided you live on the west coast.


  • Locations in California, Arizona and Nevada
  • Free initial exams and x-rays
  • Over 200 locations

Kool Smiles

Located all over the country, Kool Smiles is another dental care provider that accepts Medicaid. Dedicated to making kids and families feel safe, and right at home, Kool Smiles aims to provide quality care in every way possible. Their waiting rooms are filled with games and activities so kids never get bored. By accepting Medicaid, Kool Smiles has been able to help millions of children get the dental care they need. They even teach proper dental hygiene to kids, so kids have the knowledge to take care of their teeth at home.


  • Dental care for kids
  • Games and activities for kids in the waiting room
  • Hygiene lessons provided

Familia Dental

Familia Dental is another excellent dental provider that accepts a wide variety of insurance including Medicaid. In network with Medicaid, Familia Dental is easily accessible to low-income families with locations always close by. Familia Dental offers x-rays and exams, cleanings, check-ups, fillings, extractions and in some cases crowns for Medicaid patients. Other services such as root canals may need to be paid out of pocket. Fortunately, Familia Dental aims to provide affordable prices to families to help lessen the blow.


  • Offers a variety of services
  • In Network with Medicaid
  • Plenty of locations


Dental health is important, even for low income families. With a number of quality dentists available across the United States, families everywhere can have the brighter smiles they deserve.