Business internet and phone providers provide valuable ways for customers and businesses of all sizes to build long-term relationships. Businesses need internet and phone service to stay in contact with their target markets, providing promised products and services quickly and efficiently. High-quality internet and phone service allow business owners to provide real-time customer service. Businesses of all size need to consider availability, speeds, and price before settling on one internet and phone provider over others, especially as some companies offer discounts for bundling internet and phone together. The three best business internet and phone providers are Verizon FiOs, Charter Communications, and Mediacom. Read on to discover more about business internet and phone providers.

Top 3 Business Internet and Phone Providers

  • Verizon FiOs
  • Charter Communications
  • Mediacom

Verizon FiOs

Verizon FiOs is the ideal business internet and phone service for those who want fast and efficient solutions. The 65 Mbps upload rates and 300 Mbps download speeds have proven to be more than adequate for business of all sizes. Because these speeds are unmatched anywhere, prices are a little higher than average at Verizon. However, business owners receive service on multiple devices, cloud backups, file sharing, video conferencing, unlimited nationwide calling, and more than 30 calling features included. Those who purchase qualifying bundles of business internet and phone service can receive a Visa prepaid card as a thank you.


  • Customers receive free tech support.
  • Prices range from $90 to $300 a month.
  • Get up to $300 on a Visa Prepaid card.

Charter Communications

Charter Communications is ideal for business owners who want to choose from a variety of high-speed internet and phone packages at affordable prices. Charter can handle a large number of people and devices that need to connect to the internet at once, offering 30, 50, and 100 Mbps download rates. Prices are reasonable, especially in bundles. The basic package offers 60 Mbps download speeds and unlimited long distance for only $75 per month with a one-year contract for up to 25 email addresses. With a two-year locked-in rate, customers can get 100 Mbps download speed and unlimited long distance for $110 per month. Free installation is included with many of he business internet and phone bundles. For business owners who are still under contract with another company, Charter offers to buy out current contracts up to a certain amount.


  • Choose from 30, 50, and 100 Mbps download rates.
  • Bundle deals help save money.
  • Prices range from $75 to $150 per month.


Mediacom is one of the best providers of business internet and phone services due to the wide range of packages they offer. Business owners can choose packages that range from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps download speeds. Depending on the package chosen, prices range from $90 to $370 per month for bundled internet and phone. Plus, TV service is free with bundles and customers have access to music services. Standard and Plus plans provide 5 Mbps and 10 Mbps respectively. Larger businesses may be interested in the Ultra 105 plan, which offers 105 Mbps and can support a large number of users. Prices range from $70 to $350 a month, depending on the plan.


  • Many packages to choose from.
  • Costs more than other companies.
  • Can bundle business internet and phone with music and TV.