With the advent of the Internet and the rise of online college courses (both free and paid), there are now thousands of classes available for all ages to take at just about any time. If you are a senior searching for new ways to learn and want to do so from the comfort of your home, you now have the option to do so regardless of your areas of interest. Choosing an online college course that is ideal for seniors is possible with free institutions as well as paid universities, depending on your budget and the type of material you are most passionate about. Taking a course in art history, learning a foreign language, getting familiar with social media, psychology, or various sectors of finance is now possible whether you are looking to pursue a degree or simply want to brush up on subjects that interest you most!

5 Online College Courses For Seniors

  • Art history
  • Foreign Language
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Internet and Social Media
  • Finances

Art History

If you have an interest in art and want to learn more about the history of art or specific timeframes, there are various courses available online from both free and paid colleges that are accessible for any age. Art history is a way to not only learn more about your favorite artists of a specific time period (such as the Renaissance period or Dark Ages), but it is also ideal to brush up on art theory and why specific pieces remain important and valuable even today.


  • Deepen appreciation of art
  • Learn about different eras
  • Ideal for online courses

Foreign Language

Planning a trip to a foreign country or want to become bilingual or multi-lingual? Introductory courses in French, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese are available online and provide visuals, sound bytes, and even videos in some cases to get you familiar with dialogue, verbs, and proper usage of grammar in any language you desire. Before registering for an online course in a foreign language it is highly recommended to review the class syllabus and the professor who is hosting the course to determine if the teaching style is right for you, especially when choosing to learn from your own home.


  • Useful for seniors who travel
  • Fun to take with a partner
  • Numerous online programs to choose from

Intro to Psychology

Are you interested in learning more about the human mind? Do you want to understand how others think, feel, and complete everyday tasks? Taking an introduction to psychology is not only a useful course for interacting with others, but it is also an interesting one that is ideal if you want to enjoy the courses you plan to take. With psychology courses, it is possible to not only become educated on the thinking process, but also emotions, problem-solving, and even relationships.


  • Get insights on the human mind
  • More challenging coursework
  • Helpful skills for various facets of life

Internet and Social Media Classes

Learning more about the Internet and social media as a senior is helpful if you want to connect with old friends or stay in touch with family and relatives who are not nearby at all times. Getting familiar with the Internet and how to utilize social media is also a way to feel more connected with other individuals who share the same interests as you while staying up to date with the latest local news and news from all around the globe.


  • Get connected with current communication trends
  • Improve awareness of social media content
  • Learn to protect yourself online

Finance-Related Courses

Want to become more informed about finances, taxes, or even the stock market for your own benefits? Taking finance-related courses is a way for you to feel more confident about how finances work altogether while gaining the tools you need to file your own taxes, invest in a new business, or even put your money into the stock market (whether you are interested in slow or fast-moving stocks). Taking a course in finance online is helpful if you are in need of visuals to learn about money or if you prefer speaking to a professor from the comfort of your own home throughout the course.


  • Gain useful personal finance skills
  • Learn about business investing
  • Gain confidence in saving and investing


Before registering for an online college course as a senior, be sure to review the style of the course and if possible, watch videos from the teaching professor to get a “feel” for the learning style prior to enrolling. Choosing to learn online is one way to avoid the complex nature of attending traditional colleges and universities today while still benefiting from educational tools available around the globe.